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    Kitchen – during

    Well folks, we’re just about half-way there and so we thought we’d share some pictures of our space in it’s not so glamorous glory. As I write this, The Block is on the television, and all I can think is how thankful I am that we’re only doing a kitchen (for now). It’s a good starting point! Speaking of which, here’s a bit about the process we started with, from ripping up the floors to getting ready for our bench tops to be installed… Step 1: Rip-up Lino tile flooring ✔︎ Step 2: Remove cupboards ✔︎ Step 3: Remove bulkhead ✔︎  Step 4: Build new bulkhead Step 5: Install new base cabinets ✔︎…

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    Liv Loves

    Can you believe its already Friday again? I’m so excited for the weekend, although smack bang in the middle of winter here, Sydney has been experiencing some beautiful, crisp, sunnies days and I’m super keen to get out for a hike by the coast. Last night we started putting our kitchen cabinets together and I can already see how great it’s all going to look! Starting this process has really inspired me this week and I’ve been busily searching out gorgeous-ness all over the web. So with that being said, here’s a few things I’ve been lovin’ this week! A lovely, bright, navy and coral bedroom Open shelving styled oh-so brilliantly These Marble polished…

  • Family Life

    Kitchen – Before

    Over the new few weeks, Andrew and I will (finally) be remodeling our kitchen! It’s something we’ve dreamed of doing for over 3 years, and I almost can’t believe it’s really happening! So later today, once the man finishes work, we’re off to place the order for it all (eek)! Stay tuned for upcoming posts of us tearing out the old, building and installing the new. Can’t wait to show you the finished project!