10 kitchen details I’m totally in love with

Wednesday’s are a day for me where I get to have a bit of “me time” in the afternoon. My little one is at daycare, I’ve completed my work and all my chores are (ideally) done. It’s the one time of the week I carve out for me and most often, I find myself on here blogging or lusting my time away on Pinterest. With that in mind I thought I’d start sharing what I’ve been crushing on of late… First up – Kitchens!

1. Midnight blue kitchen islands

2. Encaustic floor tiles

3. Free standing ovens

4. Brass hardware

5. Apron sinks

7. Geometric tiles

8. Symmetry

9. A walk in pantry with French doors

10. Glass pendant light features

While I wouldn’t necessarily put all of the details in the one kitchen, a few of them would be nice! What are some of your dream kitchen details?

Style Stakes – Shaker Kitchens

It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE shaker style kitchens! When I was a young teenager we renovated our family home with a huge add on and second level and with this renovation came a new kitchen which is where my love for the shaker all begun. Back in 2001 when everything was being remodelled our “shaker” style kitchen featured cornflower blue cupboards with a travertine bench top and a yellow splashback – it was absolutely gorgeous at the time and I still reminisce about that beautiful kitchen to this day. Between then and now we’ve seen kitchens go from ultra modern to minimalistic and now (finally) shaker style kitchens are experiencing a fresh wave in popularity. There is just something very homely about a kitchen of this style, it’s a look that is classic and timeless while still being welcoming and warm.

While today’s modern version of shaker style has evolved from the original shaker style, it’s a style that still holds true to the core values of simplicity, utility and fine craftsmanship. Straight, uniform lines are key to this look and modesty is also an important feature, but beyond that the shaker style has definitely developed into a look that is a little more glam than it’s look of yesteryear. So what does this style look like today?

Simple lines remain true to that the original shaker style – unnecessary adornments or ornate carvings were definitely not a feature of this style in the past or in today’s version.

Colours are mostly neutral or muted, reflecting that of the original shakers where when colour was applied, softer shades of blue, red or yellow were the most common used.

The simplest colour of them all – white – is most often used for cupboards. Allowing the quality of workmanship to shine trough…

Styling is kept simple, in line with the uncluttered or unnecessary line of thinking the original shakers applied…

Hardware was traditionally carved out of timber, but in later days porcelain hardware was utilised and today a little glam is added in with hardware often being in metallic shades of gold, brass, pewter or stainless steel – giving the shaker style an elegant and modern look worthy of 2015…

Our Completed Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation - before | Liv with Vision

Over the Christmas break, we finally found the time & drive to finish off our kitchen. It’s been a long time coming but I didn’t want to reveal the finished product until it was well…. finished! We’re not quite there but what’s left is just a final coat of paint and probably some new (white) barstools. My Husband did about 99% of the work on this kitchen – from ripping out the old appliances and cupboards; putting together our new cupboards (okay I helped a bit with that); building custom bulkheads and cabinetry details; installing everything; titling; painting; flooring and the list goes on. Basically the only things we didn’t do ourselves were the electrical and plumbing work – and even with that being taken care of I still managed to zap myself on a power point part way through. As this was our first renovation, I’m so proud of the space we created. We’ve learned a heap about building over the past few months and spent countess hours figuring out the small details – in the end it’s been 100% worth it! So, now that it’s ready I cant wait any longer to share this with you, first up are some before and during photos…

Tearing the kitchen apart was probably the most fun part for me – I’ve always had a love for getting rid of the old so it was very satisfying pulling up the flooring and taking all the cupboards out. We were super careful with removing the cupboards as afterwards they went onto Gumtree and off to another home – which is not only good for the environment but also helped us save on getting a skip bin.

Kitchen Renovation - during | Liv with Vision

Stage two was building and installing the new bulk head with some seriously detailed angles for the pantry (this part actually took the longest), putting together and installing the new cupboards and getting everything square and level!

Kitchen Renovation - during | Liv with Vision

Once all the cupboards were in, we had to wait a few weeks before the counter could be installed, then it was hooking everything up, tiling, flooring and eventually a finished product!

Kitchen Renovation - during | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with Vision

We’ve now been using the kitchen for about 3 months and it’s been an absolute dream! Having an oven that actually heats to the correct temperature, a range-hood (or extractor fan) that sucks air out of the kitchen and great bench-space are among my favourite features, but what I love most is the bright, fresh and welcoming feel we created.

Kitchen – during

Well folks, we’re just about half-way there and so we thought we’d share some pictures of our space in it’s not so glamorous glory. As I write this, The Block is on the television, and all I can think is how thankful I am that we’re only doing a kitchen (for now). It’s a good starting point!
Speaking of which, here’s a bit about the process we started with, from ripping up the floors to getting ready for our bench tops to be installed…

Step 1: Rip-up Lino tile flooring ✔︎


Step 2: Remove cupboards ✔︎


Step 3: Remove bulkhead ✔︎ 


Step 4: Build new bulkhead


Step 5: Install new base cabinets ✔︎


Step 6: Insulate and install rangehood vent, plaster bulkhead. ✔︎


We’re now ready for the top cupboards to go in, benches to be measured, new flooring to be installed and lighting to be completed (I’m way t0o excited about the pendant lights we’ve chosen). Fingers crossed, this time next month I’ll be showing you the finished product in it’s new glamorous glory!

And finally, have you used Comparaboo? If you need help deciding on the best DYI tools, visit Comparaboo for top rated products lists. I definitely wish I had discovered this useful tool before we started our renovations!

Kitchen – Before




Over the new few weeks, Andrew and I will (finally) be remodeling our kitchen! It’s something we’ve dreamed of doing for over 3 years, and I almost can’t believe it’s really happening! So later today, once the man finishes work, we’re off to place the order for it all (eek)!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts of us tearing out the old, building and installing the new. Can’t wait to show you the finished project!