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    Styling a bookshelf

    We all have shelves, often filled with not just books but also life’s little trinkets that when not displayed properly can end up look like messy clutter. Whether you have an open bookcase, something with glass doors or a storage unit with solid doors – the difference between having those shelves well organised and styled or not can be quite significant. So here are a few tips to make your book case more appealing. Mix small and large items – Mixing in variety of items in different sizes gives your book case a sense of scale. It’s a knack that can be quite difficult to achieve, but it’s a process that will evolve…

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    Timeless Styling For Your Home

    If you haven’t picked up on it, I am an absolute lover of all things timeless and classic. That’s not to say I am a huge fan of antiques or vintage, but rather pieces or styles that have stood the test of time and are still beautiful and refreshing to look at in todays modern world. To me the pinnacle of style is a combination of modern and classic elements, tied in together to create a space that has character, ambience and a real sense of home. It is all in the details, and it is all about looking at a space holistically – from the finishes on the floor to…

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    Interior Design Trends 2014 – Wrap Up

    Well folks, we have finally reached the end of our Interior Design Trend 2014 series. So with all that has been covered, I thought I would put together a summary of what we have actually been seeing the most of, what has already peaked (and is starting to trend out) and what seems to be sticking around. The biggest trend for 2014 – Glamour, but not exclusively. Interweaving Mixing Metals and Innovative Combinations, we have been seeing a lot of glamorous, elegant and sleek interior spaces. While thinking about glamour and mixing metals, it would be very easy to conjure up images of old fashioned spaces that lack light and vibrance. What we’re…

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    Interior Design Trends 2014 – A Bevy of Blues

    It is not surprising that blue is the world’s (unofficial) favourite colour. Be it clear skies or tranquil waters – blue is a colour that we see a lot of in nature, so it is natural that we are drawn to it in our homes. I chose this trend as the last in this series as I believe it is not just a trend. The colour blue comes and goes in popularity throughout the year (almost every year). However, we are starting to see colour more in homes as people are being courageous with their choices and hence, blue’s popularity is becoming more continuous. Virtually all these rooms below have beautiful neutral…

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    Interior Design Trends 2014 – Softer Black and White

    Over the past couple of years we have been seeing a lot of black & white interiors that are sleek, modern & very sophisticated. While that trend doesn’t look like it will disappearing anytime soon, it is definitely evolving. A softness is being brought into this trend by using blacks that aren’t quite as solid, whites that are a little warmer and textures that bring in a sense of softness. The style is developing a heart and evolving into a style that is now chic, modern and well suited to not just the minimalist home. So what is the trick in creating a softer black and white scheme for your home? Incorporate with blonde…

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    Interior Desing Trends 2014: Goodbye to Beige

    Here is a trend that designers around the world wish for year after year, and I think we are finally seeing it come into fruition. Saying goodbye to beige is all about incorporating more colour and other neutrals into your room. We are seeing this happen in a big way with greys, black and dark blues becoming more and more popular. Typical Beige or off white walls are being replaced with shades of grey, which really allow colours to stand out. Rooms boasting lots of natural light are being treated with deep shades of grey and black, creating mood, drama and contrast when teemed with bright whites. The over all…

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    Liv Loves

    Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen. This week has been yet another productive and exciting week, but I’m ever so glad the weekend is almost here! This weekend I’ve got plans to go see my much loved Sydney Swans play their final home game and tonight I’m going to be whipping up some Jamie Oliver recipes for the weekend. Before I sign off, here are some of my favourite finds from this week. Favourite Blush Bedroom: Favourite Vignette Favourite Vision Board Favourite Work of Art Favourite Kitchen Happy weekend everyone!

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    Rustic French Kitchens

    When somebody says ‘Rustic French’ my first thoughts go to beautiful artisan bread, fresh out of the oven with a smell that instantly makes my mouth water. When somebody says ‘Rustic French Interiors’ my thoughts are somewhat different, albeit often wondering to spaces where said bread could be made. I have always thought kitchen’s are the heart of the home, where all the excitement and activity happens. They are places that bring people together to chat, cook, entertain and dine, and you can’t argue that the French are not passionate about their food. Which brings us to today’s focus. Rustic French Kitchens vary in style quite dramatically, however, there are a couple…

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    Colour of the week – Ivory

    Ivory. Best know as the favourite dress colour for most modern brides. This delicious shade of white gets it’s hue from a dash of yellow and just as it complements any beautiful bride, it is also a perfect colour to use as the base for any room due to it’s warm & inviting hue. Not only as a base, Ivory is one of the few colours that works well in a whole room – walls, floors and furnishings included. Below are some of my favourite examples of how this hue can be used. All White – As mentioned above, a room completely finished and furnished in ivory can be pretty all right! The key here…

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    Interior Design Trends 2014 – Blossoming Prints

    This week’s trend focus is Blossoming Prints, and by that I don’t mean the variety that you might find in your grandma’s lounge. Floral prints have come a long way over the yeas, and with modern technologies, we’re seeing some highly creative and bold ideas being implemented with this pretty trend. From simple prints or canvases to decorative sofas & rugs, the days of simply using a floral cushion or lamp shade have definitely passed! Lets take a look at some of the ways this trend is breaking the mould. Just like pairing a pretty dress with a leather jacket, mixing florals with bold modern stripes gives the look a more modern edge…