My fave insta accounts

Today I wanted to share about where I get some of my best inspiration from! There are three things that always make me feel inspired – the beach, exploring new places and scrolling through Instagram! While I absolutely love Pinterest too, I find myself scrolling Instagram a lot more simply because it has a more personal touch. It’s not just the pictures that inspire me but the words too, I love getting to know who I’m following and seeing little insights into their life. So, without further ado here are a few of my fave accounts! 

1. mscraftberrybush – Bright, airy and a cutie-patootie pup! 

2. mytexashouse – I’ve only been following this account for a short time but it has quickly become a hot fave! Erin shares snaps of her home in Texas and boy-oh-boy does it get me dreaming! 

3. Houseofharvee Interiors and kidlets with a healthy dose of blush pink…. need I say more?

4. Beckiowens – Is a seriously talented interior designer based in California who is always sharing the most gorgeous snaps! I always get so inspired by her posts AND she was one of the reasons I wanted to get back into this blog and design world! #girlcrush 

5. RevieJane is my absolute fave mum to follow! With a focus on fitness and keeping it real she is the most down to earth ‘grammer I’ve ever followed! So much love for this girl boss! 

6. rachparcell out of everyone I’ve shared today Rach is probably the most well known. With an insane blog (check it out here) gorgeous fashion line, the most beautiful house I ever did see AND the two cutest little kiddos, I always get a lot of joy and inspiration from her posts! 

Who are your favourite people to follow on Instagram? Let me know in the comments! 

Liv xx

Inspired by others

Instagram is a wonderful place,  and I’ll admit I often spend way too much time looking through my feed, getting hooked by one profile or another. I love the community of Instagram that I am in and how supportive, inspiring and encouraging the place is, so today I wanted to share a few of my favourite Instagram accounts. All of these account holders post absolutely gorgeous images and on a basis that’s not too frequent that it floods my feed or too little that I wonder what they’re up to. They inspire me to break out of my comfort zone, be better at styling and improve what I’m sharing with all of you on a daily basis. But not only that, they remind me how wonderful it is to be able to share such beautiful and inspiring imagery and what a privilege it is to be able to do so…

Interior_by_nina...Posting beautiful images from around her home, I love her use of soft, neutral colour palettes…

mscraftberrybush… Lucy shares some really beautiful images, supplementing her Blog there’s everything from beautiful tips for around the home to some really great DIY projects….

isleandtribe… Combining interiors with coastal dreams and beautiful fashion you really couldn’t ask for more in a Insta feed…

cityfarmhouse1 This is yet another beautiful feed where Jen shares images of her second home along with beautiful shots of the country and coastline… 

beckiowens… Is an interior design that inspires me big time! Her style always resonates with me and I love feel of spaces she shares – glam, but relaxed and casual… 

Are you an insta-addict too… Who are some of your favourite people to follow? Let me know in the comments below…


Inspired by Easter

In this day and age, we are so blessed to have many holidays to enjoy and celebrate. Easter is probably my favourite holiday of them all, being so meaningful and huge part of my faith – It is the holiday we celebrate because it changed our lives forever when Jesus sacrificed his life for us. Funnily enough at some point this incredible act of God turned into Easter bunnies and chocolate Eggs, I’m not quite sure how that happened but either way I am exceptionally thankful for the holiday (and the chocolate that comes with).
As with every opportunity, over the past few years Easter Décor has really taken off. Where there was once a couple of baskets in the dollar store for Easter Egg hunts there is now a plethora of options for decorating with Easter style. From ceramic bunnies and Easter trees (yes – they are a thing), to wreaths for your front door or displays of beautifully painted eggs, there are so many ways to add a little cheer to your home at this time of year. In the northern hemisphere Easter is celebrated in the peak of Spring, hence bringing with it lots of soft and beautiful pastel colours, fresh flowers and baby animals (chicks & bunnies mostly). It’s little wonder that at the dawn of this warmer season homes are spruced up with fresh flowers and more colour – and with a holiday like Easter, what better reason is there to celebrate? So while this is a phenomena that has taken me a little while to accept, I cannot deny that I love the beauty of all these pretty styles.

Table Décor – This Easter tree makes a beautiful statement for an entry way or dinner table centre piece. Check out The Crafty Sister’s website for the ‘jelly-bean’ tutorial.

Easter Tree

Mantel Style– Mantels are always a beautiful spot for revolving décor and this subtle Easter display with pastel blue and sweet bunnies is no exception…

Easter Mantel

Dyed Eggs– A throwback to my childhood of blowing out eggs and then dying or painting them in all sorts of pretty colours and patterns. I love how these could be created with the kids but still looks absolutely stunning when displayed in apothecary jars. Click on the image below for the full tutorial.

Monochromatic Easter Eggs

First Impressions – The first and most important impression and message for Easter, this beautiful floral cross is perfect for any front door.

Floral Cross Wreath

Party with Style– This gorgeous table setting is well suited for an Easter themed gathering -I love the sweet yellow gingham, paired with fresh blooms and crisp white. The theme is woodsy but fresh, suiting the Easter bunny just fine.

Easter Table

Why I love The Hamptons

Aah The Hamptons, filled with such beauty and a relaxed coastal vibe, this is one destination that is right up the top of my bucket list. If only for a day, to gaze at the beauty of all the homes and architecture. My number one style in a nutshell would have to be the hamptons. I could talk for days about all the things I love about this gorgeous style, but you know what they say about a picture and a thousand words? Well, here’s five thousand words to describe the beauty of The Hamptons (but just to be sure, I’ll throw in a few of my own words too). It’s elegant, but laid-back…

It’s cool and coastal…

It’s warm and welcoming…

The architecture is timeless and true to it’s style…

High ceilings, light walls and timber floors create a perfect balance…

Style secret: Notice how in almost all the pictures there’s a beautiful bunch of fresh hydrangeas? These are the unofficial flower of The Hamptons as they grow like wildfire in the area, and so are iconic to Hamptons interior styling.

Colour of the week – Emerald Green

Hey Folks, We thought it would be great to start a little series that goes by the name “Colour of the Week”. To kick things off we will start with Emerald Green, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2013.
I would suggest that Emerald Green is a colour that is best suited to living spaces such as your living & lounge rooms, dining room or kitchen. That being said, in small doses anything goes! Emerald Green is a colour that we don’t see super frequently in interior spaces. If you were wanting to decorate with this colour, inspiration could be a little lacking, however, that’s not say you can not create a stunning room using this jewel tone. Just take a peep at the images below to see how this gorgeous green can be incorporated into your home.

1. Mix in a soft pink for a match made in heaven:


2. Frame your windows with lush Emerald Green curtains: 


3. Freshen the colour scheme up by using varying shades:


4. Compliment with natural elements such a raw timbers and natural linens:


5. Dine like your on set with the Wizard of Oz by using Emerald Green glassware:


What colour would you like to see featured on next week’s post? 

Happy Bastille Day!

Today we’re celebrating all things French for Bastille Day! French Interiors can bring a number of different styles to mind, think: Shabby-Chic, Rustic French, or the glamour of Parisian style. All are unique in their own right, yet together tell a beautiful French story. I personally adore all things French, be it their style in the home, in fashion or in food – who could say no to a fresh, buttery croissant?  So with that in mind, lets take a moment to honour this country who has given us so much to drool over!

lampada-da-terra-celestine_117003_3 LB & S

Picture 053




Happy Bastille Day! x

Liv Loves

Can you believe its already Friday again? I’m so excited for the weekend, although smack bang in the middle of winter here, Sydney has been experiencing some beautiful, crisp, sunnies days and I’m super keen to get out for a hike by the coast.
Last night we started putting our kitchen cabinets together and I can already see how great it’s all going to look! Starting this process has really inspired me this week and I’ve been busily searching out gorgeous-ness all over the web. So with that being said, here’s a few things I’ve been lovin’ this week!

A lovely, bright, navy and coral bedroom


Open shelving styled oh-so brilliantly


These Marble polished subway tiles with bevel edge 


This beautiful Bonsai Tree 


And a well organised pantry



Happy friday, I hope everyone has a fab weekend! x