Picture Perfect in Pasadena

Today I wanted to share with you a picture perfect home nestled in Pasadena, California. Which also just happens to be one of my favourite spots in the sunny state. We’ve visited Pasadena both times we’ve been to LA and it is just one of those places you instantly fall in love with! My sister-in-law has recently purchased a property here and I can’t wait to get over there to visit her and spend some more time in this beautiful city! But enough about that, let’s check this gorgeous home out… 

What I absolutely love about this home is how open, light and airy it is! The street frontage is to-die-for, looking like something out of a story book and the kitchen has to be seen to be believed! Multiple fireplaces throughout the home and various lounge rooms also get a huge tick from me (but honestly, who wouldn’t give those kind of features a huge tick?). There really isn’t much about this home that I don’t love – even the pool is begging me to dive in, but since we can’t do that through our screens, dive into these pics instead… 

 All images found via real estate site Zillow. Click any image to be directed to the originals. 
All images found via real estate site Zillow. Click any image to be directed to the originals. 

Isn’t it just all class and elegance? So beautiful, what an absolute dream it’d be to live there! I can imagine so many beautiful family gatherings in that gorgeous back yard! What do you think? 

Let me know in the comments! 

Liv xx

A beautiful home in Brisbane

I’ve often dreamt of packing up and starting a fresh. New city, new neighbourhood and a whole new home to furnish and kit out… we had so much fun setting up our current home, it’s really no surprise that I’d want to do it again! One of the places I’ve often dreamed of is Brisbane and so every so often I change my real estate searches to a sunny land a little further north and this time I feel I struck gold (or rather navy). 

Before I even took a look at the inside of this home, I was in love! A navy house with white trim is what I dream of! There’s just something so fresh & modern yet still classic about this colour combination, that draws on my heartstrings every time! 

But it was when I took a look inside that my jaw really dropped. Capturing the essence of the relaxed timeless style of the Hamptons, this home is light, bright and filled with details that make my heart flutter. The kitchen is like something out of my dreams and I wont even begin on the master – I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves… 

I’ve added in the floor plan with the house hunt too, because I think it really helps give a better idea of what the whole house would be like. I really love this one with the garage at the front, allowing total privacy in the living areas but, what I think is really great is the Master room’s walk-in robe behind the bed – now that’s a detail I’ll keep in mind for the dream house one day.. 

There are tonnes more photos of this beauty on the agents page so if you have a spare moment, I highly recommend clicking through and having a good old fashioned ogle at just how pretty the whole home is! 

What do you think of this house? Let me know in the comments.

Liv xx

While in Wahroonga

They say never judge a book by it’s cover, but sometimes a cover can be oh-so flirtatious and it just begs you to take a look inside and thats just what happened the other day when we drove past this home. I noticed the for sale board out the front and immediately had to do a quick google to see if my judgement of the cover was indeed correct… 

Much to my delight, it was as beautiful on the inside as it is on the out. High ceilings, hardwood floors, louvered windows – they all sing to my heart and make me feel a little giddy! But it’s not just that, it’s the character found in the details that really had me swooning over this beauty and dreaming away…

 This is the kind of kitchen I dream about! That range in particular...
This is the kind of kitchen I dream about! That range in particular…
 Picture rails... one of my most absolute favourite details to find in a home! Yep, I know, I'm an odd one! 
Picture rails… one of my most absolute favourite details to find in a home! Yep, I know, I’m an odd one! 

 Seriously?! That bath.... heaven!
Seriously?! That bath…. heaven!
 Sangria on the back terrace, anyone?
Sangria on the back terrace, anyone?

What do you think of this home? 

Let me know in the comments! 

Liv xx 

Hunters Hill Home

So I stumbled over this home in Hinters Hill a few weeks back and I knew straight away I had to file it away for my ‘Home of the Month’ feature. There really is not much to not love about this home, aside from the master bedroom situation which is in a bit of an awkward spot and doesn’t have walk-ins or it’s own bedroom – but even with that I feel I’m being pretty picky!

A Dream of San Francisco

While we were in San Francisco earlier this month, I did a reasonable amount of gawking at all the gorgeous homes. It was on my list for over 6 months to visit the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square (that’s them above) just because I wanted a cute little picnic while ogling at the beautiful architecture! So it came as no surprise that as soon as we got home I was searching away on real estate websites to check out what is behind all those pretty facades.. and it did not disappoint! San Fran – may I just say, you are one beautiful city with many, many gorgeous homes! It took me AGES to chose one to feature this month, but I have a feeling you’ll love this little gem as much as I do – words don’t do it justice, just imagine living here! Classy, sophisticated, light, bright and that staircase – yes, I definitely have a thing for gorgeous staircases and this one is a winner… 

Alpine luxury

Nestled in one of Australia’s prettiest spots is a home that truly gets to enjoy all four seasons. Snow in Australia is pretty hard to come by, but if you’re lucky enough to live in a spot where the soft powder does fall, then this would be the home to enjoy it from. With roaring fires, a neutral colour palette and built from nature’s finest materials, this home would be the perfect spot to sip a mulled wine in winter, or enjoy river sports in summer. I love the use of recycled timbers and natural granite that has been used throughout this home, but more so I love that it has been furnished and styled to allow those materials to be focal points throughout the home. The spaces are big and open, but still encompass that homely, cosy feeling giving this home a great balance

Images courtesy of realestate.com.au

A world away from here…

Nestled in Kangaroo Valley is a home that seriously has me dreaming of the country. With sweeping views down to the sea and rolling hills as far as the eye can see, this sweet 5 bedroom cottage is something out of a day dream. I could easily escape to a country side abode like this, the kitchen, bathroom and two-way fireplace are really what sells this particular home to me. With a soft, neutral colour palette, and large windows the home allows views to be taken advantage of and enjoyed at any time of the year, make it the perfect escape…

A small slice of paradise

This months feature home is small but beautiful, proving that you don’t have to have the biggest to have the best. Being only a one bedroom apartment, this dwelling pack a pretty large punch in terms of it’s offering. Close to the beach? Yep. Gorgeous modern kitchen? Yep. Period features? Yep. Generous living space? Yep – and it also has oh-so coveted high ceilings, magnifying the feeling of space and abundance. And one more thing, it has fire places – yep, fire places being plural – one in the lounge room and one in the BEDROOM! How’s that for having it all?! Take a peek below…

What it’s like inside a Fashion Designers home

It’s not everyday you get to take a peek inside the home of a world famous Fashion Designer, so when I stumbled upon these pictures of Colette Dinnigan’s home in Paddington I couldn’t resist. The fashion icon’s home will be going up for sale very soon and – as all things wonderful happen when property goes on the market – we get a sneak peak at some of the home’s best features.
This particular home is a gorgeous sandstone building dating back to the 1880’s and Colette Dinnigan’s has styled her home in an absolutely stunning way, inside and out. From the gorgeous, marble kitchen to the stunning bathroom and bedrooms alike, the most has been made out of this home’s natural beauty – enhancing the original architecture and sandstone. Mostly light and neutral furnishings allow the sandstone detail to take centre stage as does paired back styling which keeps the spaces from looking overly busy. So, grab a cup of tea and let yourself escape the daily grind for a minute -this is kind of home that dreams are made of…

Collette Dinnigan's gorgeous Paddington abode Collette Dinniigan's gorgous Paddington AbodeCollette Dinnigan's gorgeous Paddington abode Collette Dinnigan's gorgeous Paddington abode Collette Dinnigan's gorgeous Paddington abode Collette Dinnigan's gorgeous Paddington abode Collette Dinnigan's gorgeous Paddington abode

A charming farmhouse

This month’s feature home is a stunning farmhouse from Georgia USA. I found this home through the Home Adore website and felt like I’d stumbled upon a little pot of gold! Oh, to the people that get to live here – what a dream! This home looks like it’s come from a bedtime story of my past, perfected with wrap around porch, colonial columns and pretty little garden. It’s the kind of home I’ve dreamed of living in for a long time, so excuse me while I dream a little longer here.
There is a lot of American architecture that I really love, from Colonial or Cape Cod to Classic Farmhouses – and this home in no exception. The casually furnished wrap around porch right through to the classic fireplace and panelled ceilings create something very special that make this house feel like a loving, family home. It’s casual elegance captures a perfect balance between a laid-back and luxurious lifestyle and it’s all been executed brilliantly. In part thanks to light and neutral furnishings and in other ways, thanks to an abundance of windows that wrap around the lower level. This home is totally about the architecture and the way it has been furnished really allows the home’s detail to be the shining star….


Check out the Home Adore website for more images.