10 kitchen details I’m totally in love with

Wednesday’s are a day for me where I get to have a bit of “me time” in the afternoon. My little one is at daycare, I’ve completed my work and all my chores are (ideally) done. It’s the one time of the week I carve out for me and most often, I find myself on here blogging or lusting my time away on Pinterest. With that in mind I thought I’d start sharing what I’ve been crushing on of late… First up – Kitchens!

1. Midnight blue kitchen islands

2. Encaustic floor tiles

3. Free standing ovens

4. Brass hardware

5. Apron sinks

7. Geometric tiles

8. Symmetry

9. A walk in pantry with French doors

10. Glass pendant light features

While I wouldn’t necessarily put all of the details in the one kitchen, a few of them would be nice! What are some of your dream kitchen details?

Statement Ceilings

Yesterday I was chatting with a painter who came out to give us a quote on repainting the exterior of our home. We were looking at the ceiling in our carport and he mentioned something that really hit home with me – Ceilings – they are one surface in a home that is often overlooked or only ever looked at when given a fresh coat of white paint. But why is this?

Historically ceilings have been made beautiful with ornate ceiling roses or gorgeous chunky beams have been exposed, but come recent times the trend has been to leave them simple and white. Coloured paint, patterns or wallpaper are rarely though of as finishes for ceilings but lately, I’ve been starting to see a change in the water and I’m really liking it. Take a look at some of the examples below and read for a a few tips of how to nail this look in your home (or office)…

Go bold and go gold – I love the boldness of this gold ceiling, but what I love even more is how the metallic finish reflects so much light into the room. Tying in with the gold detail on the sofa and frame on the wall, the gold here works perfectly and gives the room an opulent feel. 

Pattern perfect – There are two reasons why this ceiling works here, the pattern is large and the rest of the space has been kept relatively simple. If you’re going to go with a patterned ceiling these are important things to keep in mind as a space could quickly end up looking very busy and disorientated.  

Extend the eyes – On a wall this pattern would quite possibly drive me crazy, but on the ceiling it works and it not only works, but it also highlights the recessed detail of the ceiling in the most beautiful way. Again, by keeping the rest of the room simple the ceiling can stand out as a feature. 

Create an illusion – By bringing the paint down the wall a little way, it gives the illusion that the walls are blending into the ceiling, making the ceiling height feel higher than what it really is. A very clever trick of the eye! 

Some of these have seriously got me thinking and I hope they inspired you as much as they did me… What do you think? Would you be bold enough to do a statement ceiling? 

Tips for choosing paint colours

Everyone has their happy place, a place where you can zen out and time just disappears before you. For me, this happy place is when I’m painting a new room… everything from choosing colours, prepping, painting, restyling and then sitting back to enjoy my handy work is so satisfying. I just love how a new coat of paint can totally transform a room. That being said, there are a few things to consider when repainting your home or a room and today I thought I’d share some of my most trusted tips. 

Get inspired: Although, if you’re already thinking about painting, you may well already BE inspired! I find it always helps to do some research on Pinterest or other design blogs to  gather more ideas or see how different colours work in different rooms. We’re so lucky to live in a day an age where inspiration is just a click away! 

Create a mood board: (my favourite part) Be it virtual or with photos from magazines, pull together some images of items you have in your room already. The flooring colour, the view, pieces of furniture, cushions, rugs and artwork. They don’t have to be the exact items, but I’d recommend sourcing items that are as similar in colour as possible. 

Consider your lighting & space: Rooms that are lucky enough to have a lot of natural light will take to colours differently to rooms that don’t and likewise, Incandescent lighting brings out warm tones while fluorescent lighting brings out the blues. 

Get swatches, but don’t rely on them: Ever go to the paint shop, pick up a few samples only to come home and find none of them are any good? Make sure you pick up ALL the samples in your colour range. Lighting in a hardware store compared to lighting in your home can be vastly different and what you think may be completely off in store, could be just perfect when you see it at home. Add them into your mood board to get a bit of an idea of what could work well with what you already have and stick them up on the wall to see how the colour plays out at different times of the day. 

Sample and Test: Time and time again, this has proven to be the most important step for us! Once you’ve narrowed your swatches down to 3-5 possible options, get sample pots of these. Paint them onto a sheet of white A1 card and tape them on to your walls. Over the course of a few days, you should be able to see the effect of sunlight and artificial light on the colours. I say this one is the most important step, because often the swatch and the actual paint colour can be a little different and that small difference on a 2x4cm card can make all the difference once painted on the walls!

Have you ever repainted the walls in your home? I hope these tips have helped you! 

Interior Design trends 2015 – Pastels

Spring always brings with it a fresh set of colours in the form of pastels, but this year something has been different. They’ve stuck around for Summer, Autumn and now were in the middle of Winter and they’re still here. Usually kept on reserve for nurseries or (as mentioned) Spring, pastels this year have been made modern by pairing with black and gorgeous timbers. From blond oaks to rustic chunks the combination of pastels with timber is a match made in heaven, throw in a little black to add some contrast and the look is sleek, modern and fit for any room of the house….

A cushy world – Winter Cushion Combinations

When I think of winter, I think of rich textures, warm colours, lots of layers and a sweet comfy spot to snuggle up into. Fragrant spices like turmeric, paprika or cinnamon give me the feeling of warmth and it’s these colours that often inspire my winter colour palettes. So with that in mind, below I’ve put together a few winter cushion combinations, from the all out neutral and full of layered textures to more colour intense schemes that are both bold and beautiful. For me the most important aspect when throwing together winter cushions, is to incorporate some texture, whether it’s faux fur, a chunky weave, velvet or knitted – just one or two of these cushions will bring greater depth and that cosy appeal to your home… 

White babushka Cushion, Mongolian Lamb Cushion, Santona Lounge Cushion

Winter Leaf Cushion, Chrysanthemum Cushion, Kew Cushion

Studded Velvet Cushion, Stone Cushion, Liana Knitted Cushion 

Kew Cushion, Cactus Cushion, Porter Cushion

Fable CushionJane Woollen cushion, Aberdeen Cushion

Style Stakes: Sheepskin Rugs

If there is one thing I’ve learnt about rugging up for the cooler months, it’s the more texture the better. While spring and summer are all about colour, autumn & winter are all about layers. So it’s no surprise that over the past few months I’ve been noticing a gradual surge in sheepskin (or lambskin) rugs being used a decorator items  in American and European homes during their cooler months. Being so soft and fluffy they are an excellent accent for winter to create that warm, cosy feeling -while still adding some serious style. Below are a few ways you can uses these deliciously, warm decorator items that will make will  have you all snuggled up for the rest of autumn and winter…

1. Make cold winter mornings a little warmer and softer under foot by adding a plush sheepskin for your toes to land on…

2. Create a cosy spot for curling up with a great book…

3. Make cold, metal chairs a plush and snuggly…

4. Use as a throw to make cool leather more inviting…

5. Use on dining chairs to amp up the warmth and texture around meal times…

Rustic French

Rustic French Living area

Nope, sadly this post is not about bread but if you happen to be munching on some crusty baguette while reading, bonus points for you! Today I’m talking about Rustic French interiors and there are a couple of words that automatically come to mind when I think of this style – rustic, glam, natural and elegant. It’s a look that is really only suited to specific criteria, but that doesn’t mean it’s a look that can’t be enjoyed by many. Rustic French interiors reveal a humble side of French design, that is stripped back to reveal the natural beauty and then highlighted by elegant French pieces, be it a glamorous chandelier or classic Louis chair – almost as enjoyable as a rust, french loaf…

Rustic French KitchenRustic French LivingRustic French DiningRustic French Bedroom

7 Vignettes – April

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break, I’m not sure about you but ours felt much longer than 4 days which was really nice. Being a long weekend, #7Vignettes for this month was made that much sweeter as I had some more time on my hands to really play with my vignettes. In the end I was really happy with how all my little combinations came together  – that 2hr photography course I had been meaning to do for nearly two years must have taught me something! Below are my images from this month, I hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed tucking into those Easter eggs once all my pictures were complete!
#7Vignettes - Blush

#7Vignettes - Bloom

#7Vignettes - Light

#7Vignettes - Soft

#7Vignettes - Easter

#7Vignettes - Weave

#7Vignettes - Gold

Did you play along with #7Vignettes this month?

Style Stakes: French Beaded Chandeliers

You may or may not have noticed but there has been a sudden surge of French beaded chandeliers appearing in stores, magazines and high end homes. This latest style in pendant lighting is hitting my instagram feed pretty hard right now and I have not one single complaint about it. These pieces mean serious business in the style stakes and I think they are absolutely gorgeous. If you have high ceilings and want to add a little (or a lot of) wow factor or you have a great space outdoors, they are definitely worth some consideration. Ranging in price from around $600 and up, they are not the best budget-friendly option, but on a dollar for impact scale they are pretty darn reasonable! Also lots of DIY tutorials are already popping up here, there and everywhere – so if you like the idea I imagine this would be an extremely rewarding project. For a little inspiration, take a look below at some of my favourite looks for these chandeliers below..
White on White…

French Beadded Chandelier

A la Natural…

French Beaded Chandelier

Bright, Bold statements…

French Beaded Chandelier

More than just a dream catcher…

French Beaded Chandelier

An alfresco delight…

French Beaded Chandelier




Garden Party

7 Vignettes – March

At the start of each month Interiors Addict host a 7-day competition called 7 Vignettes. I’ve always wanted to play but have felt a little intimidated, however with the start of a new year I thought – why not? So, at the start of this year I resolved to join in and share some of my own little creations each month.
I’m now (already?!) onto my third month of play – you can check out my January & February creations here & here. This months theme was sponsored by Keeki, a Melbourne based furniture & homewares company and the themes were broader than past months – oddly making the creative process a bit more of a challenge! Check out images below of the vignettes I created and if these little snippets inspire you, then I recommend taking a look at the full gallery of vignettes by searching #7vignettes on instagram.

Day 1 - Metallic

coffe table shelfie

Day 3 - Bedroom

Day 4 - Freestyle

Day 5 - Shiny


Day 6 - Blue


Day 7 - Floral



So that’s it – another month down! Through this process I’m starting to discover my style and preferred photography methods. This month I tried out the idea od creating a “mini-mock” studio, I really liked the way this turned out and think I might start playing with this idea some more. While the focus of this completion is on the vignettes, I’m also learning how important the photography of said vignettes is. So that online photography course I bought myself about six ago might just need to be used and finally put into practice! Until next time … xx