Ikea Duktig Kitchen Hack

Okay… back story! This post was meant to be published at the start of the year, but way back before that was when I originally snagged this 2nd hand IKEA Duktig kitchen off Gumtree for a steal! It was almost in too good a condition to hack up, but I did it and I’m ever so glad I did! I had been gawking at Duktig makeovers on Pinterest for months, getting ideas here and there but really had my very own little plan right from the beginning. I hacked this one way back in August/September last year (!!), but intentionally held off sharing anything as it was kept hidden for her Christmas gift. Thankfully, I wrote up the whole tutorial while I was renovating so today I can share it all with you… better late than never, right??

Call me crazy, but I wanted to create a mini version of our own kitchen, and thankfully we had just the right supplies left over from our renovations to do just that. I used the same spray paint as our cupboards and we had some handles left over, which amazingly fit the holes of the Duktig kitchen perfectly. The bench top was a little trickier and this is where we had to compromise, as it was either a beige vinyl tile (that looked like it was from the 1990’s) or a calacatta marble vinyl contact paper. After trying the tile and dying a little inside, the marble won out.

Here’s a list of what I used…

I started out by taking off all three doors, removing the sink and mixer tap, and completely removing the top section of the kitchen. I masked up the windows of the oven and microwave door so when they were sprayed the plastic would stay clear. Everywhere was given a light sand to remove any grime and then a good clean. Then I sprayed… and sprayed… and sprayed!

Every where was given at least two coats of paint. First up was a white coat over the whole kitchen and the door that sits below the sink. The oven and microwave door were sprayed with silver to make them stand out as appliances.

Next, it was time for the splash back. I used a 3mm piece of MDF board, sprayed with gloss blue and sanded back with 320 grit paper between coats – until I had a beautiful glossy finish. Then it was cut to size and using the white paint pen and a ruler, I drew on the subway tile pattern. Finially it was attached to the top part of the kitchen with some glue & nails.

Once everything was dry the vinyl tiles were cut to size and stuck down…. I immediately started wishing I hadn’t used them. So it was off to the shops for my roll of marble adhesive which was stuck down in place of the tiles… The rounded corners were a little tricky as I wanted the marble to wrap around the bench top, but we got there in the end and it looks a million times better than the previous option!

Finally I could put everything back together. Adding new handles to the doors, attaching the hook to the side and screwing on the knobs above the oven door were the final touches! This little kitchen has been a huge hit with Summer, she’s currently going through a “copy mummy” stage and absolutely adores her mini version of our kitchen! 

Inspired by Abstract Art

Art is often one of the most over looked items that can really add a lot to any home. I’ve been to many friends places with bare walls one day and art another and the transformation really is huge. While it’s natural that priorities are to get the practical furniture pieces – sofas, beds, tables etc first, it’s also important that in time our dwellings feel like home.

Enter accessories & art – but at the moment I’ve got my mind set on the art. Whether it’s a gallery wall, a famous painting, something abstract or a sculptural piece adorning your walls – art comes in all different shapes, sizes & prices. Today I wanted to share with you a few abstract pieces that really inspire me, not just because they’re good, but because I also believe they are great ones for a DIY project. Take a peek and let me know what you think… 

A beautiful mess…

Layers of Fabric…

Bold colour… 

Golden texture…

Pastel simplicity…

Style Stakes: Get Wired

Wire furniture is another style element I’ve been seeing pop up everywhere over the past few months, from Instagram to high end magazines and now furniture home-wares stores such as Freedom or Adairs.

With it’s light weight appearance, there is little wonder why this style has surged in popularity,  it gives us the ability to furnish homes (outdoors or in) with pieces that would otherwise feel too heavy or solid.  

There’s a lot to be said about any kind of furniture that has this effect, from Louis Ghost Chairs to glass dining tables – they give us a crazy cool illusion of space. Wired furniture is simply the next step forward in what I like to call Illusion pieces. Coming in any colour of the rainbow, these pieces are also fun and make for great statement pieces, be it a funky pendant light, art on the wall or an architecture chair.

Check out the pics below for some design inspiration on how you can get wired in your home. 

Colour of the week – Burgundy

While it’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of the colour red, I definitely can appreciate it’s beauty when used in varying shades. Blush, pink, burgundy or cherry all take preference to me over a true red, but it is darker shades that really stand their own – especially in Winter.

Today I’m all about burgundy – a colour we are currently seeing a lot more of in fashion, but as with many things, fashion often evolves into interior trends too. Burgundy is a bold, mature colour – it’s definitely not one for the faint-hearted – but it’s also romantic and subdued. I think burgundy has been pushed to the side for a few years now, for many it would be a flashback to days when it was paired with mahogany timbers and rooms would come across as dark and too serious. But with today’s colour play, burgundy has been given a whole new lease of life. So with that in mind I’ve scoured around to find some of the best of burgundy, check out the below for some beautiful examples of this bold & romantic hue…

Cosy up in a warm oasis with burgundy sheets – paired with pale grey and black this combination is warm and modern…

Sink into burgundy velvet – this sofa screams indulgence and glamour – the shape, the fabric and of course the colour but most of all I love how it’s been relaxed with soft cushions and THAT throw…

Make a bold statement – I love how bold and beautiful this burgundy front door is, and I imagine in the Spring time it would be stunning surrounded by fresh blooms from the garden.

Pair with Blush – Burgundy and blush go together like bread and butter… Yes, I could DEFINITELY work from this office!

Break the norm – Burgundy in the kitchen – it just works! I love this eclectic kitchen and how it has all been pulled together with the addition of this beautiful Persian rug. Imagine the space without it – the floor would just look like a big black hole!

A cushy world – Winter Cushion Combinations

When I think of winter, I think of rich textures, warm colours, lots of layers and a sweet comfy spot to snuggle up into. Fragrant spices like turmeric, paprika or cinnamon give me the feeling of warmth and it’s these colours that often inspire my winter colour palettes. So with that in mind, below I’ve put together a few winter cushion combinations, from the all out neutral and full of layered textures to more colour intense schemes that are both bold and beautiful. For me the most important aspect when throwing together winter cushions, is to incorporate some texture, whether it’s faux fur, a chunky weave, velvet or knitted – just one or two of these cushions will bring greater depth and that cosy appeal to your home… 

White babushka Cushion, Mongolian Lamb Cushion, Santona Lounge Cushion

Winter Leaf Cushion, Chrysanthemum Cushion, Kew Cushion

Studded Velvet Cushion, Stone Cushion, Liana Knitted Cushion 

Kew Cushion, Cactus Cushion, Porter Cushion

Fable CushionJane Woollen cushion, Aberdeen Cushion

Style Stakes: Sheepskin Rugs

If there is one thing I’ve learnt about rugging up for the cooler months, it’s the more texture the better. While spring and summer are all about colour, autumn & winter are all about layers. So it’s no surprise that over the past few months I’ve been noticing a gradual surge in sheepskin (or lambskin) rugs being used a decorator items  in American and European homes during their cooler months. Being so soft and fluffy they are an excellent accent for winter to create that warm, cosy feeling -while still adding some serious style. Below are a few ways you can uses these deliciously, warm decorator items that will make will  have you all snuggled up for the rest of autumn and winter…

1. Make cold winter mornings a little warmer and softer under foot by adding a plush sheepskin for your toes to land on…

2. Create a cosy spot for curling up with a great book…

3. Make cold, metal chairs a plush and snuggly…

4. Use as a throw to make cool leather more inviting…

5. Use on dining chairs to amp up the warmth and texture around meal times…

Inspired by Easter

In this day and age, we are so blessed to have many holidays to enjoy and celebrate. Easter is probably my favourite holiday of them all, being so meaningful and huge part of my faith – It is the holiday we celebrate because it changed our lives forever when Jesus sacrificed his life for us. Funnily enough at some point this incredible act of God turned into Easter bunnies and chocolate Eggs, I’m not quite sure how that happened but either way I am exceptionally thankful for the holiday (and the chocolate that comes with).
As with every opportunity, over the past few years Easter Décor has really taken off. Where there was once a couple of baskets in the dollar store for Easter Egg hunts there is now a plethora of options for decorating with Easter style. From ceramic bunnies and Easter trees (yes – they are a thing), to wreaths for your front door or displays of beautifully painted eggs, there are so many ways to add a little cheer to your home at this time of year. In the northern hemisphere Easter is celebrated in the peak of Spring, hence bringing with it lots of soft and beautiful pastel colours, fresh flowers and baby animals (chicks & bunnies mostly). It’s little wonder that at the dawn of this warmer season homes are spruced up with fresh flowers and more colour – and with a holiday like Easter, what better reason is there to celebrate? So while this is a phenomena that has taken me a little while to accept, I cannot deny that I love the beauty of all these pretty styles.

Table Décor – This Easter tree makes a beautiful statement for an entry way or dinner table centre piece. Check out The Crafty Sister’s website for the ‘jelly-bean’ tutorial.

Easter Tree

Mantel Style– Mantels are always a beautiful spot for revolving décor and this subtle Easter display with pastel blue and sweet bunnies is no exception…

Easter Mantel

Dyed Eggs– A throwback to my childhood of blowing out eggs and then dying or painting them in all sorts of pretty colours and patterns. I love how these could be created with the kids but still looks absolutely stunning when displayed in apothecary jars. Click on the image below for the full tutorial.

Monochromatic Easter Eggs

First Impressions – The first and most important impression and message for Easter, this beautiful floral cross is perfect for any front door.

Floral Cross Wreath

Party with Style– This gorgeous table setting is well suited for an Easter themed gathering -I love the sweet yellow gingham, paired with fresh blooms and crisp white. The theme is woodsy but fresh, suiting the Easter bunny just fine.

Easter Table

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

Now that we’re stepping into Autumn, nights are starting to get a little cooler and the thought of snuggling up on the couch with a good book or movie is becoming more appealing. Snuggling up with lots of cushions (and a great blanket) is definitely the best way and about this time of year I think it’s nice to swap out the summer brights for something a bit more seasonal. The added bonus is, updating your cushions is bar far one of the easiest and most effective ways to change the overall theme of a living space. I have my year round cushions of choice – generally neutrals that can tie in with a variety of colours, patterns or other textures – but I tend to feel the need to switch up my cushions as the weather changes. Here’s a selection of some combinations I’m loving for Autumn:
1. Midnight Blush: Autumn doesn’t mean everything has to be in shades of red and gold, mixing in blush pink (a typically Spring colour) with black or charcoal grey is a great way to make this trendy tone work for both seasons. I can picture this combo on modern black or pale grey leather.

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

Lev Cushion, Midnight Blush Cushion, Mezi Cushion

2. Golden Texture: I really love all the gold foiled cushions that are hitting the shelves at the moment, mixing this trend in with some abstract prints and a faux fur is a great way to add some cosy comfort while still enjoying a little sparkle. This look would work beautifully on a cream or chocolate brown sofa.

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

Golden Mirror Tiles Cushion, Alaska Cushion, Gilt Limited Edition Cushion

3. Giraffe Safari: I don’t know why, but for me Autumn is the season of Animal prints. Whether its leopard, zebra or cowhide these patterns just suit the season really well. Mixing in with a playful floral, the animal print transforms in a more neutral texture and the overall look stands out beautifully. I’d love to see this look on a chunky cord, cream couch

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

Faux Dark Giraffe Cushion, Leather Cushion, Celeste Breakfast Cushion

4. Pumpkin Fields: Orange and Navy go together like bread a butter and in Autumn I couldn’t think of a colour scheme that’s any more seasonally appropriate. I love this herringbone cushion mixed in with the luscious velvet and knitted texture – it would pair well on a classic brown sofa.

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

Velvet Cushion, Hunter Cushion, Herringbone Cushion

5. Grey Sunshine: Charcoal is another classic for Autumn (and a great colour to use year round), while the added pop of yellow brightens the look. The combinations of a textured check, studded velvet and cheery print would make white sofas more seasonally appropriate for cooler months.

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

5. Grey Sunshine: Jed CushionStudded Velvet Cushion, Botanica Cushion

Casual Elegance

If I were into fashion as much as I am interiors, this would be my style icon. Actually Julia Engel is already my style icon, but she inspires me in other ways. Her blog Gal Meets Glam is one of my most frequented and I’m always dying to steal every outfit she wears. But I’m not here to talk about fashion, I’m here for interiors. So how on earth do these two relate? Julia’s site and style inspires me in a way that I would love to inspire people with their interiors. Everyone has different tastes, but one style that resonates closest with me would have to be casual elegance, and I don’t think this is too different to the wearable style the Julia oozes. So what is casual elegance?
It’s all about creating a timeless space. A space that is elegant without being stuffy or uptight – using classic pieces or pieces that have stood the test of time, furniture that is natural in form or incorporating traditional elements such as a crystal chandelier.

Casual Elegance - Liv with Vision

It’s using neutral colour palettes with hints of colour. A neutral base, with classic design pieces will open up options to many different styles. If you are wanting to aim for a look that’s still casual and elegant, work towards keeping the space cohesive and use art or cushions to inject fun and personality….

Casual Elegance - Liv with Vision

It’s understanding that depth and character are important. Using a monochromatic colour palette, with varying shades of one colour is a great way to add depth while still keeping a space cohesive. But be careful with grey as it can quickly become cold or uninviting, so mix in some warm timber items to make a space more welcoming…

Casual Elegance - Liv with Vision

It’s about Using high quality and natural materials such as leather, linen or cotton for upholstery, marble or other stone finishes, timber, rattan, etc…

Casual Elegance - Liv with Vision

All up it’s about the meeting and crossover of two style: Elegant and Casual. Mixing these to a 80:20 ratio if your after a space that’s a bit more elegant or adjusting that ration to whatever look you’re aiming for…



Styling a bookshelf

We all have shelves, often filled with not just books but also life’s little trinkets that when not displayed properly can end up look like messy clutter. Whether you have an open bookcase, something with glass doors or a storage unit with solid doors – the difference between having those shelves well organised and styled or not can be quite significant. So here are a few tips to make your book case more appealing.
Mix small and large items – Mixing in variety of items in different sizes gives your book case a sense of scale. It’s a knack that can be quite difficult to achieve, but it’s a process that will evolve differently for everyone – keep taking a step back and editing how your shelves look. Books stacked in piles with an item placed on top will give that item a “stage” or sense of prominence which is great for small accent pieces. Larger or heavier items can be used as book ends or placed in a vignette with a few smaller items.


Allow for white space – Keep in mind that white space is just as important as filled space. White space is basically just the air space around objects – not every inch of space needs to be filled (both vertically and horizontally). Move a few items around to give feature items space to breath and create focal points.

Finding Home

Colour Block – Colour blocking is a great way to give the illusion of a tidier space.  If you are purely filling your selves with books, try stacking them or lining them up by colour blocking and you’ll instantly see a space that is more cohesive and a pleasure to look at. As a bonus, I also find this helps trick me with finding my books as I have a visual memory!

Hammer and Heels

Remember heavy items at the bottom, light at the top –  Those old laws of physics will always apply with bookshelves – whether you have your bookcase attached to the wall or not (you should for safety reasons!) keeping heavy items on the lower shelves will help keep your shelving stable. Big heavy items, be it thick books or a large accent piece also look great at lower levels, are less likely to break if they don’t have as far to fall and most importantly will prevent your shelves from toppling over or becoming top heavy!

bookshelf 2

Keep child friendly items at child friendly heights – If you have children that are using your bookshelf, keep their books on the lower shelves which are reachable for their little fingers…