Terracotta & Teal

As we make our way into cooler weather, I’ve been garnering more and more inspiration from earthy tones, natural textures and cosy accents. Blush pink has been reigning in the interiors realm for quite some time now, and will always hold a special place in many hearts but as the seasons turn I can’t help but be inspired by by deeper pinks, warmer reds and earthy terracotta tones. For years, the idea of using terracotta in an interior scheme hasn’t even crossed my mind, but lately, I’m finding myself quite inspired by this earthy hue. Today I thought I’d share my take on an interior scheme using terracotta – read on to check it out!

Artwork, Cream Cushion, Blue Cushion, Birds of Paradise Cushion, Pendant light, Throw, Table lamp, Aztec Cushion, Coffee table, Sofa, Arm Chair, Ottoman, Rug

Blush, Navy and Gold

It’s no secret that I’m a huge lover of the colour blush. You know that pale, subtle, pink that is just the right dose of girly, without looking like it’s for a 5 year old’s bedroom? Well over the past couple of days I’ve been putting together a little colour scheme that is like something out of my dreams, if only I could make this one a reality! It’s girly but still sophisticated and has just the right amount of glam…. Alas it is a little too girly for the husband! So, for all those gals out there that don’t have a partner telling you that pink ain’t happening in their home, this one is for you…

Where it’s all from:

Pendant lights, artwork, wall shelf, throw, pink cushion, mongolian lamb cushion, armchair, table lamp, X cushion, sofa, coffee table book, coffee table

Sunrise Nursery theme

Many of my friends and family know by now that we’re expecting a baby girl in April – if you follow me on Instagram, you will have also seen a few things I’ve been putting together for the nursery. Being a mum is something I’ve always dreamed of, and being someone who is particularly interested in design and all things pretty it should come as no surprise that I’ve been planning away our nursery for quite some time!

I started out with an image that really inspired me and worked from there. From colours to the overall theme of the room, I loved the idea first light or dawn for a nursery. Once we found out there was a little girl of the way it was decided – soft pink & lilac with pale blue walls was the way to go. So gradually our dawn sky theme is coming together, we’ve already painted the walls – a stunning pale blue that is fresh and lively in morning light, but takes on a subtle purple hue in the evening and below is the beginnings of what I hope will be something like our finished space… 

From top to bottom: Kites (DIY project), Cloud Pendant, Cot & Drawers, Baby Blanket, Curtains, Cot Sheet, Lamp, Unicorn, hot air balloon and  World Globe (custom), Armchair, Baskets, Prints, Cushion (similar), Moroccan Pouffe, Cloud Shelf, Lilac Blanket

Wish me luck xxx

Blushing Night sky

A dark night sky with blush pink, crisp white and a hint of pale turquoise would have to be one of my favourite colour combinations at the moment. It’s reminiscent of dusky sunsets or that last light glow reflecting on deep blue waters and it’s one of the calmest colour combinations I can think of and with just the right amount of masculinity (the solid, strong blue) and femininity (hints of blush pink) it’s a great combination for all. I could spend all day playing around with pieces of furniture and decor items for this kind of scheme, but this one below with that statement armchair hits just the right spot for today’s post! 

Get the look: 1. Sofa, 2 Pendant Light, 3. Blush Pink Cushion, 4. Occasional Tables, 5. Striped Cushion, 6. Pot Plant, 7. Moon Cushion, 8.  Artwork,  9. Rug, 10. Floor Lamp,  11. Armchair 

50 Shades of Grey

This week I’m forgetting the seasons and going with colours that can be used year round. Or in other words: to celebrate the release of “50 Shades of Grey” I thought it would be fun to feature shades of grey for this weeks colour scheme feature. From Modern to Shabby chic, grey is one colour that adapts beautifully to many different settings. Although I may not be featuring 50 different photos with shades of grey, each of these rooms uses a palette of grey in varying shades giving the spaces depth, romance & strength. So, as they say – Mr Grey will see you now…
50 shades of Grey - Liv with Vision

50 Shades of Grey - Liv with Vision

50 Shades of Grey - Liv with Vision


50 Shades of Grey - Liv with Vision


Berry Bright

This weeks colour choice, features around my absolute favourite summer treat – berries! I’m a total addict for all things raspberry, strawberry and especially blueberry and the current abundance of these delicious fruits is making me one happy girl! But enough rambling about my love for these fruits, today I want to focus on their gorgeous colours and how they can be incorporated into design schemes to create some seriously bright and beautiful Summer settings. So, in conjunction with some of my favourite treats, here are some berry inspired colour schemes..
Rustic Berry Smoothie

smoothie love

Tasteful Blueberry Tart

blueberry tart

Classic Berry Pav

berry pav

Blooming Raspberry Parfait

berry dream

Refreshing Berry Sorbet

berry icecream


Summertime blues

Using cool blues to decorate your home during the warmer months can be an excellent way to trick your mind into thinking the temperature is a little cooler than it actually is. We’ve recently renovated our Kitchen (check it out here) using a light blue tile for the splashback. It took ALOT of persuading from my husband to get me on board with having a colour in the kitchen rather than just keeping it all neutral, but now every time I walk in I feel welcomed by an inviting colour that is fresh and cool to look at. I absolutely LOVE that we went with the light blue as the whole space has been transformed to a room that feels a lot brighter than it used to – when everything was just cream and beige.
Blue is a colour that can be perfectly well suited to most seasons, mixed in with pastels for spring or by using darker shades in winter, but I really think the colour is best suited to the summer months. Below are some rooms I’ve found that to me are the epitome of summertime blues. Almost all of them make me want to pack my bags for a summer vacation, but take a look and decide for yourself…

summertime blues | Liv with Vision


Summertime blues | Liv with Vision

Summertime blues | Liv with Vision

Summertime blues | Liv with Vision