Terracotta & Teal

As we make our way into cooler weather, I’ve been garnering more and more inspiration from earthy tones, natural textures and cosy accents. Blush pink has been reigning in the interiors realm for quite some time now, and will always hold a special place in many hearts but as the seasons turn I can’t help but be inspired by by deeper pinks, warmer reds and earthy terracotta tones. For years, the idea of using terracotta in an interior scheme hasn’t even crossed my mind, but lately, I’m finding myself quite inspired by this earthy hue. Today I thought I’d share my take on an interior scheme using terracotta – read on to check it out!

Artwork, Cream Cushion, Blue Cushion, Birds of Paradise Cushion, Pendant light, Throw, Table lamp, Aztec Cushion, Coffee table, Sofa, Arm Chair, Ottoman, Rug

Tips for choosing paint colours

Everyone has their happy place, a place where you can zen out and time just disappears before you. For me, this happy place is when I’m painting a new room… everything from choosing colours, prepping, painting, restyling and then sitting back to enjoy my handy work is so satisfying. I just love how a new coat of paint can totally transform a room. That being said, there are a few things to consider when repainting your home or a room and today I thought I’d share some of my most trusted tips. 

Get inspired: Although, if you’re already thinking about painting, you may well already BE inspired! I find it always helps to do some research on Pinterest or other design blogs to  gather more ideas or see how different colours work in different rooms. We’re so lucky to live in a day an age where inspiration is just a click away! 

Create a mood board: (my favourite part) Be it virtual or with photos from magazines, pull together some images of items you have in your room already. The flooring colour, the view, pieces of furniture, cushions, rugs and artwork. They don’t have to be the exact items, but I’d recommend sourcing items that are as similar in colour as possible. 

Consider your lighting & space: Rooms that are lucky enough to have a lot of natural light will take to colours differently to rooms that don’t and likewise, Incandescent lighting brings out warm tones while fluorescent lighting brings out the blues. 

Get swatches, but don’t rely on them: Ever go to the paint shop, pick up a few samples only to come home and find none of them are any good? Make sure you pick up ALL the samples in your colour range. Lighting in a hardware store compared to lighting in your home can be vastly different and what you think may be completely off in store, could be just perfect when you see it at home. Add them into your mood board to get a bit of an idea of what could work well with what you already have and stick them up on the wall to see how the colour plays out at different times of the day. 

Sample and Test: Time and time again, this has proven to be the most important step for us! Once you’ve narrowed your swatches down to 3-5 possible options, get sample pots of these. Paint them onto a sheet of white A1 card and tape them on to your walls. Over the course of a few days, you should be able to see the effect of sunlight and artificial light on the colours. I say this one is the most important step, because often the swatch and the actual paint colour can be a little different and that small difference on a 2x4cm card can make all the difference once painted on the walls!

Have you ever repainted the walls in your home? I hope these tips have helped you! 

Blush, Navy and Gold

It’s no secret that I’m a huge lover of the colour blush. You know that pale, subtle, pink that is just the right dose of girly, without looking like it’s for a 5 year old’s bedroom? Well over the past couple of days I’ve been putting together a little colour scheme that is like something out of my dreams, if only I could make this one a reality! It’s girly but still sophisticated and has just the right amount of glam…. Alas it is a little too girly for the husband! So, for all those gals out there that don’t have a partner telling you that pink ain’t happening in their home, this one is for you…

Where it’s all from:

Pendant lights, artwork, wall shelf, throw, pink cushion, mongolian lamb cushion, armchair, table lamp, X cushion, sofa, coffee table book, coffee table

Monochrome and Timber

When I picture a monochrome room, I often picture something thats quite cold and uninviting, however, thats not how it has to be! With the addition of textures, natural timbers and fresh (or faux) greenery a whole lot of life can be injected into a monochrome scheme, making it feel warm and welcoming. Check out this scheme below for a little inspiration of how you can add some warmth into this an uber-cool scheme! 

Where it’s all from:

Artwork, knitted cushion, Throw, Floor lamp, contrast cushion, table lamp, + cushion, throwarmchair, sofa, faux plant, side table, rug

Dive in…

This time of year the beach is simply too good to resist, and it’s always when I come home from beach that I feel most inspired. The fresh sea air, soft sand under your feet, an array of blue that just makes you want to dive in – Nature sure does have a way of bringing the most beautiful things together, and it’s exactly these things that inspired me to pull together this colour scheme. Keep scrolling to check it out… 

Button cushion, pendant light, artwork, potted fern, armchair, velvet cushion, scollop cushion, gold cushion, tassel throw, sofa, colour block throw, coffee table, side table, rug

What places leave you most inspired? 

Let me know in the comments

Liv xx

Sunrise Nursery theme

Many of my friends and family know by now that we’re expecting a baby girl in April – if you follow me on Instagram, you will have also seen a few things I’ve been putting together for the nursery. Being a mum is something I’ve always dreamed of, and being someone who is particularly interested in design and all things pretty it should come as no surprise that I’ve been planning away our nursery for quite some time!

I started out with an image that really inspired me and worked from there. From colours to the overall theme of the room, I loved the idea first light or dawn for a nursery. Once we found out there was a little girl of the way it was decided – soft pink & lilac with pale blue walls was the way to go. So gradually our dawn sky theme is coming together, we’ve already painted the walls – a stunning pale blue that is fresh and lively in morning light, but takes on a subtle purple hue in the evening and below is the beginnings of what I hope will be something like our finished space… 

From top to bottom: Kites (DIY project), Cloud Pendant, Cot & Drawers, Baby Blanket, Curtains, Cot Sheet, Lamp, Unicorn, hot air balloon and  World Globe (custom), Armchair, Baskets, Prints, Cushion (similar), Moroccan Pouffe, Cloud Shelf, Lilac Blanket

Wish me luck xxx

Colour of the week – Charcoal

Nothing says ‘style’ quite like the perfect shade of charcoal grey and while the perfect shade may be different for every home, a hint of charcoal here or a splash there will never get you in trouble. 

That’s right – this week’s feature colour is charcoal grey and it’s a colour that is almost the go to neutral for many. Perfect for when black is too..well…black but you’re still wanting something to contrast against those crisp whites. 

Charcoal also brings with it a whole lot of depth and if you’re just using  hints of it – say, in a picture frame or something similar – it’s a brilliant choice for making these finer items appear stronger and bolder. Read on for 5 tips and some inspiring interiors…

Charcoal Kitchen – If your kitchens is blessed with lots of natural light – enjoy it and go bold. A charcoal kitchen is striking and inviting – paired with timber bench-tops, this kitchen is a fine example of a match made in heaven… 

Stained – Make a statement at your entry. This stained timber cladding is the perfect piece to give an entrance wall substance, while keeping it usable for hanging coats by the front door. It’s part art, part function…

Charcoal homes – Perhaps more suited to homes that do not get the afternoon sun, a charcoal exterior is modern, edgy and perfectly framed with bright white trim.

Bedroom Basics – There’s not much in this room that’s not to love – the pendant? Exposed Brick wall? Timber ceiling? Oak floors? Wall sconce? Gorgeous bed setting? Need I go on? It’s all set off by THAT charcoal wall. 

Bathroom beauty – I’ll admit, I’m not one for dark bathrooms in general but a little charcoal goes a long way. One feature wall is enough, it frames the shower and bath area, gives the space some serious depth and is set off beautifully by the timber detail in the shower. TIP: If going dark in the bathroom, use gloss to help bounce around some more light – after all no one likes doing their make-up in the dark! 

Shop this look…

Coffee, Cookies and Cream

This is one colour scheme sounds as delicious as it looks. Coffee, cookies and cream has had my tummy rumbling all morning as I play with pulling together a look that’s entirely neutral but feels like cosy, warm hug! This look is a little more rustic than my usual styling, but I love the warmth the clock, baskets, pendant light and side tables brings to the mix. It’s about texture and it’s really important to remember this when pulling together a neutral colour scheme like this one – otherwise you run the risk of creating a room that is void of character or depth. Pattern can also play a huge role with neutrals to give the space personality, be it a classic stripe or something a little more fun – even someone who is a huge colour advocate can be swung to love neutrals when enough variation in pattern and texture is applied to the mix… 

Get the look 1. Cream Throw, 2. Pendant Light, 3. Clock, 4. Artwork5. Armchair, 6. Chocolate cushion, 7. Cream Cushion, 8. Sofa, 9. Baskets, 10. Side Table, 11. Rug

All that glitters…

Gold is one of the few metallic’s that doesn’t really go out of fashion very often, sure brass or copper will come and go, and pewter will even have its moment, but Gold, stainless steel and silver and three metallics that tend to stay in vogue through it all. Over the past few months Gold is having a bigger moment, with Gold foil items really taking off – from prints to cushions or DIY spray-painted bookcases Gold finished decor pieces or furniture have become hugely popular with the young and old. Paired with creams and richer neutrals the look becomes elegant and sophisticated, yet when composed with fresh whites and bright colours the golden gilt can be fun and playful…

Golden Tap ware: In the kitchen or bathroom gold tap ware instantly adds a hint of luxe – it’s the understated use of the golden hue that is just enough to give the room an edge of sophistication…

Golden Decor: Believe it or not, this bookcase was one a simple Ikea piece, but with a little paint and some marble additions it looks a million bucks – finished off with some golden decor, this display unit becomes a real statement piece…

Old world elegance: Like I mentioned before, pairing rich, golden hues with warm creams and soft timbers creates a sophisticated elegance – It’s all about the layers…

Freshen up with white: This room is the walk-in robe of Rach Parcell from Pink Peonies, I love the composition of the gold with fresh whites and the Leopard print rug! It’s takes playful glam to a whole new level…

Happy Medium: Finding a balance between playful and elegance, I love how this cream sofa has been styled with classic gold patterns, the gold bar-cart and coffee table complete the room beautifully.. 

Get the Golden look…

Colour of the Week – Sage Green

Sage green can be used in so many ways! Inside, outside, features, accent or even as a neutral – you decide.

It’s a beautiful, calming type of muted green with soft grey undertones, making it work in many different situations. Being a Pastel, it’s also bang on trend. 

Kitchens are my favourite, and if you’re after something different to the cookie-cutter, white kitchens that are EVERYWHERE at the moment, Sage is a stunning option. This colour also rocks the outdoors like it’s no-one’s business. It’s soft so blends seamlessly with gardens yet contrasts with brick facades and looks a million bucks when paired with strong black trim. 

So if you’re after a colour but don’t want anything too overwhelming, Sage is could just be the one.