Our Little Girl is One – Cake Smash!

I can hardly believe it, a whole year has gone by since we finally got to meet our little bundle of joy! The past 12 months have been an absolute whirlwind of a ride but watching our little one grow from a tiny, helpless newborn to a sassy and independent toddler has been absolutely magical! Of course, as any mother with a serious Pinterest addiction would, we had to celebrate the occasion with an over the top cake smash…

After quite a bit of diliberating, I decided to make the cake and do the photography myself and I’m actually really glad we did that instead of going professional because the whole process of figuring out what we wanted and then taking all the steps (including googling and figuring out how to decorate said cake) was almost more fun than the cake smash itself! Check out the pics below… 

It took a little while for S to really get into it, but when she did it’s safe to say this one was definitely a fan of smashing up cake and thankfully (for mumma) she didn’t eat any of it! Not even a lick! So with all the fun and no post-cake sugar high, this afternoon of fun was definitely a winner in my books! 

I was so happy with how the pics turned out, picking just a few for this post was near impossible!

Have you ever done a cake smash before? Would you? Let me know in the comments! 

Liv xx


6 Months in..

Last week we celebrated 6 months our baby girls. I can’t believe half a year has gone by so fast!! There wasn’t any cake or big surprises, but I couldn’t resist putting together a little memory roll of some of our best memories!

I really can’t believe how this time has passed so quickly, it’s been a rollercoaster with highs, lows and moments where I think “where did that come from?” (no really how can someone so tiny bring up so much food, its crazy!) but I wouldn’t change a moment of it! This sweet little girl has brought us so much joy and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives sharing in that joy with her! 

Nursery Tour…

It’s been a long time coming and I can tell you, I’ve been wanting to share this for quite some time.. it’s just time keeps getting away from me! But better late than never they say, so while my little one is still just that, I’d love to share with you her gorgeous little slice of our home. 

Summer skies and winter sunsets were my original inspiration for Summer’s room – Capturing those awe inspiring moments and those moments of fun as hot air balloons pass or children run along gazing at kites soaring in the sky.

Before we knew if it was going to be a little girl or boy’s room, we decided to give the room a pale, sky blue canvas and built everything from there. The colour we ended up choosing was a perfect mix of blue with a pretty lilac undertone, in the morning sun it feels bright and fresh, while in the evening it looks slightly purple and makes the room feel oh-so soft and warm.

As soon as I found out a little girl was on the way, I knew I could go down the sweet road of pretty sunsets and pastel skies – my mind was filled with images and everything came together very quickly from there. I wanted the room to feel whimsical but also peaceful, to be a place that would be fun for a little girl to play in but to also feel timeless and relaxing.

The rose pink velvet chair was my first must have piece of furniture and it really gave the room that pretty, yet elegant feel. We ordered the cot, change table and set of drawers online and then I put a lot of DIY into the room. The mobile, hot air balloons, rainbow and pastel building blocks were all a labour of love – even the kites were made in the wee hours one morning when I couldn’t sleep at 8 months pregnant! We already had the IKEA bookshelf, which I decided to flip onto it’s side, add legs and then I white washed all the baskets on the bottom shelf to soften the golden colour up a bit.

When it was all finished, I have to admit I was a little sad to see the end of the project – it was so much fun designing a space for a little one. I really can’t wait for the next children’s space I get to create – be it a playroom, toddlers room or another nursery – there is just so much imagination that can be brought to life. And this room came together just how I wanted it to, both Summer and I absolutely love spending time in here. A very rewarding project indeed!