Colour of the week: Aqua

Lets dive right in, this week we are loving Aqua. This cool, summery tone is one that has been popular for a while and I don’t see it dropping off the radar anytime soon. Being a close relative to blue – known for peace, loyalty and creating a sense of calm – our colour this week has very similar properties and used in the right way can instantly take you to a tranquil paradise…
In the Dining Room: 


In the Kitchen: 


In the Lounge Room: 


In the Bedroom:


And even in the Bathroom: 


Why I love The Hamptons

Aah The Hamptons, filled with such beauty and a relaxed coastal vibe, this is one destination that is right up the top of my bucket list. If only for a day, to gaze at the beauty of all the homes and architecture. My number one style in a nutshell would have to be the hamptons. I could talk for days about all the things I love about this gorgeous style, but you know what they say about a picture and a thousand words? Well, here’s five thousand words to describe the beauty of The Hamptons (but just to be sure, I’ll throw in a few of my own words too). It’s elegant, but laid-back…

It’s cool and coastal…

It’s warm and welcoming…

The architecture is timeless and true to it’s style…

High ceilings, light walls and timber floors create a perfect balance…

Style secret: Notice how in almost all the pictures there’s a beautiful bunch of fresh hydrangeas? These are the unofficial flower of The Hamptons as they grow like wildfire in the area, and so are iconic to Hamptons interior styling.

Interior Design Trends 2014 – Interchangeable Accents

Chameleons rejoice, this one is for you! Today’s trend focus is Interchangeable Accents, and it’s one that sits close to my heart. I absolutely love this trend and really believe it’s one that will stick around for a while. Accents are one of the best ways to create big bang for minimum buck, they can completely change the look of a room and give your space a unique personality.
The secret here is to start with a versatile, neutral base. This means your flooring, walls and core furniture pieces (think: sofa, dining table, TV unit, etc) are all relatively neutral. You may wish to have a base style such as more modern or classic pieces, but by keeping everything relatively simple, you give yourself more freedom to add in character with your accent pieces.

What are these accent pieces? These can be anything from your lamps or rugs to cushions or decor pieces. With this trend you can change-up as many, or as few of these items as you like to give your room a new lease of life.

So, lets take a look at some rooms with amazing accents!

Coastal Chic – The below room is quite coastal chic, but with a different ottoman, curtains and accessories, it could quickly change to being very glamorous and elegant.



Neutral Elegance – This next room with its neutral colour scheme, is an excellent example of using neutral core furniture and key pieces. The space could easily be brightened up with colourful art and cushions to make the room more playful or lively.



Lively Colour – On the other hand, this room (below) bursting with colour, could easily be toned down. By simply changing the cushions, lamps and flowers; this room could take on a completely different look and feel. From a summer paradise to a sophisticated retreat.


Liv Loves

Yay! It’s here again – Friday! And it would have to be my favourite day of the week. It’s like Christmas Eve when you know the next day you’ll wake up to the joy of Christmas! I love my weekends, and at the moment they are especially exciting as we’re seeing our new kitchen come together. So for the love of Friday, here’s my top picks for Liv Loves this week.
Unique coffee tables


Christmas in July


Mulled Wine (recipe here)


Breakfast in Bed (who wouldn’t want to wake up to this!)


This incredible room by Darren Palmer


Colour of the week – Emerald Green

Hey Folks, We thought it would be great to start a little series that goes by the name “Colour of the Week”. To kick things off we will start with Emerald Green, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2013.
I would suggest that Emerald Green is a colour that is best suited to living spaces such as your living & lounge rooms, dining room or kitchen. That being said, in small doses anything goes! Emerald Green is a colour that we don’t see super frequently in interior spaces. If you were wanting to decorate with this colour, inspiration could be a little lacking, however, that’s not say you can not create a stunning room using this jewel tone. Just take a peep at the images below to see how this gorgeous green can be incorporated into your home.

1. Mix in a soft pink for a match made in heaven:


2. Frame your windows with lush Emerald Green curtains: 


3. Freshen the colour scheme up by using varying shades:


4. Compliment with natural elements such a raw timbers and natural linens:


5. Dine like your on set with the Wizard of Oz by using Emerald Green glassware:


What colour would you like to see featured on next week’s post? 

Interior Design Trends 2014 – Glamour

There are a few styles in the design world that will stop me in my tracks, turn me around and have me lingering for a few extra seconds, and glamorous interiors definitely fall into that category. We can thank The Great Gatsby for this one, with all the opulent and lavish scenes we saw on the big screen, it’s no wonder we’ve been seeing glamorous Gatsby themed parties, weddings and interiors ever since.
In Australia, Greg Natale comes to mind as one of the best in creating glamorous interiors. His exquisite styling is spot on every time – take a look at his work here. What do you think?  If you love what Greg creates as much as we do, but don’t quite have the confidence to pull of some of his bold styles, then here are my top tips for how to add a just touch of glamour to your home:

1. Use rich colours to add depth and drama


2. Move furniture away from the walls


3. Keep a light, neutral base – then add glamour with elegant accessories


4. Hang Sheer curtains with gold tiebacks

sheer curtains

5. Add some metallic lustre with gold leafed cushions on to your sofa (follow this link for DIY tutorials)

gold leaf cushions

What do you think of the glamour trend? xx

Happy Bastille Day!

Today we’re celebrating all things French for Bastille Day! French Interiors can bring a number of different styles to mind, think: Shabby-Chic, Rustic French, or the glamour of Parisian style. All are unique in their own right, yet together tell a beautiful French story. I personally adore all things French, be it their style in the home, in fashion or in food – who could say no to a fresh, buttery croissant?  So with that in mind, lets take a moment to honour this country who has given us so much to drool over!

lampada-da-terra-celestine_117003_3 LB & S

Picture 053




Happy Bastille Day! x

Liv Loves

Can you believe its already Friday again? I’m so excited for the weekend, although smack bang in the middle of winter here, Sydney has been experiencing some beautiful, crisp, sunnies days and I’m super keen to get out for a hike by the coast.
Last night we started putting our kitchen cabinets together and I can already see how great it’s all going to look! Starting this process has really inspired me this week and I’ve been busily searching out gorgeous-ness all over the web. So with that being said, here’s a few things I’ve been lovin’ this week!

A lovely, bright, navy and coral bedroom


Open shelving styled oh-so brilliantly


These Marble polished subway tiles with bevel edge 


This beautiful Bonsai Tree 


And a well organised pantry



Happy friday, I hope everyone has a fab weekend! x

A DIY project – Scrabble Coasters

IMG_3982 A Few months ago for our wedding, Andrew and I spent hours putting together scrabble name place settings for all the guests at our wedding. They were an absolute hit and we loved how they added a fun, personal touch to our reception. Scrabble name setting While we were putting together the place settings, I thought it’d be really cool to also make some coasters to use after our wedding with the leftover tiles – and believe me there were A LOT of leftover tiles! The hardest part was choosing the words or phrases to put on the coasters, we quickly figured out that even though there were tonnes of left over tiles, the letters were still limited. Alas, without further a due, here’s my guide on how to put together your Scrabble coasters! What you’ll need:

  • A couple of sets of Scrabble tiles (we got ours on eBay from a supplier in Thailand), they come in sets of 100 and for 8 coasters you’ll use 128 tiles, so I recommend getting two or three sets.
  • 1 300mm x 300mm x 2.7mm sheet of cork – for 8 coasters you’ll only need one sheet (All good craft shops should sell this)
  • Super sharp scissors or a Stanley knife.
  • Hot Glue gun & glue

IMG_3978 What you’ll do: 

  • Spend some time figuring out a theme for your coasters – this is seriously the best part as the opportunities are endless. We went with a food and drink theme, with some coasters just having words, and others having phrases. Size wise, the coasters work best in a 4×4 formation, you can use words of three of four letters and just use the blank tiles to fill in any three-letter words.
  • Line up your words in the formation of a coaster and measure the dimensions. TIP: you’ll need to do this for each coaster as the tiles are sometimes not perfectly square so the dimensions may change slightly.
  • Cut your pieces of cork to size. I tried doing this with both scissors and a Stanley knife, both options worked quite well. For the best result use the Stanley knife but ensure it’s super sharp and do it gently, running through the cork multiple times for each cut.
  • Use the hot glue gun to glue the tiles to your cork squares. Be fast with your application as the glue sets quickly and you’ll want to make sure all the tiles line up nicely. I used a reasonable amount of glue so that it came up the sides of the tiles a little and gave the coasters a bit more strength. HOT GLUE GUN TIP: each time you apply the glue, make sure you wipe the nozzle of the gun onto the tile to stop strings of glue getting in the way.
  • Allow to dry as per your glue instructions.

IMG_3985 IMG_3984 IMG_3981 IMG_3982 IMG_3987

Interior Design Trends 2014 – Need Navy Now

Each Monday, we’ll be exploring some of the current Design Trends of 2014.
To kick it off, I thought we’d start with one of my favourites – navy. Navy is the colour du jour right now and why not? It’s a cool and calming colour, signifying loyalty, strength and honesty, and the colour doesn’t quite jump out like black, but instead draws us in. So how can you incorporate some navy into your home? Take a peek below to see some of my favourite navy rooms and accents.

1. Dine in classic elegance with navy upholstered chairs


2. Sleep in a serene navy oasis

3. Add in a pop of bright colour 


4. Fall in love with tiles

5. Be bold with a navy feature wall – Just be sure that you room has plenty of natural light