Blush, Navy and Gold

It’s no secret that I’m a huge lover of the colour blush. You know that pale, subtle, pink that is just the right dose of girly, without looking like it’s for a 5 year old’s bedroom? Well over the past couple of days I’ve been putting together a little colour scheme that is like something out of my dreams, if only I could make this one a reality! It’s girly but still sophisticated and has just the right amount of glam…. Alas it is a little too girly for the husband! So, for all those gals out there that don’t have a partner telling you that pink ain’t happening in their home, this one is for you…

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Kmart Hack: Toy Box makeover

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed with kids, it’s that they require a lot of “stuff”. Thankfully much of this stuff is stored in our little girl’s bedroom, but it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t taken over our main family room! However, I’m a big believer that the home should still remain a place that everyone can enjoy, and so having clever storage in our family room to tidy away all the mess at the end of the day is definitely high on the priority list!

Before Summer was born, we installed a wall of cupboards which were great for platters, our 2nd dinner set, the alcohol stash and the list goes on…. but since welcoming our new little housemate, things have been somewhat reorganised. The bottom half of the cupboards are now an excellent place to hide away bigger toys, books and craft supplies (a little higher up) which can be accessed by our little munchkin without the worry of her pulling something breakable down on her head. For everything else, I knew a trunk would be the best way for us to store away all those little toys…

We ended up buying this basketweave trunk from Kmart for $39 (bargain!) but it wasn’t quite right for our room, so I thought I’d try a little experiment with some watered down paint and I have to say, it worked a charm and took hardly any time at all.

Here’s what I used…

  • A tube of white acrylic non-toxic paint (this is important as I can’t count the number of times our little one has chewed on one of the corners!)
  • Water
  • A large flat brush & an old rag

Once you’ve mixed the paint there is just two steps for this little makeover (For mixing the paint I used about 30% paint to 70% water)! Painting it all on and wiping it off with an old rag. The wicker will absorb quite a bit of the paint, so if you just want a light whitewash use a ratio of more water and less paint, likewise if you’d like a thicker coat, just use less water in the mix!

I didn’t want the finish on our trunk to be totally uniform, so this is where the idea of rubbing with a rag came from (it’s not really a crucial step). I wanted to be able to see some of the wicker through the paint, and so while I was rubbing I just rubbed some areas more than others so the finish would be a little more varied.

What do you do for toy storage? While what we’ve got going on at the moment is perfect, I have a feeling we’re going to need more hiding places soon!

Let me know in the comments

Liv xx

A beautiful home in Brisbane

I’ve often dreamt of packing up and starting a fresh. New city, new neighbourhood and a whole new home to furnish and kit out… we had so much fun setting up our current home, it’s really no surprise that I’d want to do it again! One of the places I’ve often dreamed of is Brisbane and so every so often I change my real estate searches to a sunny land a little further north and this time I feel I struck gold (or rather navy). 

Before I even took a look at the inside of this home, I was in love! A navy house with white trim is what I dream of! There’s just something so fresh & modern yet still classic about this colour combination, that draws on my heartstrings every time! 

But it was when I took a look inside that my jaw really dropped. Capturing the essence of the relaxed timeless style of the Hamptons, this home is light, bright and filled with details that make my heart flutter. The kitchen is like something out of my dreams and I wont even begin on the master – I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves… 

I’ve added in the floor plan with the house hunt too, because I think it really helps give a better idea of what the whole house would be like. I really love this one with the garage at the front, allowing total privacy in the living areas but, what I think is really great is the Master room’s walk-in robe behind the bed – now that’s a detail I’ll keep in mind for the dream house one day.. 

There are tonnes more photos of this beauty on the agents page so if you have a spare moment, I highly recommend clicking through and having a good old fashioned ogle at just how pretty the whole home is! 

What do you think of this house? Let me know in the comments.

Liv xx

Monochrome and Timber

When I picture a monochrome room, I often picture something thats quite cold and uninviting, however, thats not how it has to be! With the addition of textures, natural timbers and fresh (or faux) greenery a whole lot of life can be injected into a monochrome scheme, making it feel warm and welcoming. Check out this scheme below for a little inspiration of how you can add some warmth into this an uber-cool scheme! 

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Top 5 tips for choosing art

Many times I’ve been asked, what sort of artwork would you hang here or what should I fill this space with? The answer really is endless and it’s such a personal choice! What you already have in the space and what you may want to change in the near future can all play key roles in what you end up choosing but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still help out there! Read on for some of my easy tips that may help when on the hunt for a new piece of art. 

1. Consider your space. To me, this is the big one (pun intended)! Scale can make a huge difference to a room, and getting it wrong can really make a Mozart look like play school. Much like an oversized sofa can crowd a small lounge room, a small piece of art hanging by itself can easily look lost on a big white wall. Large rooms and walls command bigger pieces of artwork. A great rule of thumb is that the artwork should fill two-thirds to three-quarters of the space you have available. 

2. Go with your instinct. Art is such a personal choice, and it should be. Choose something you absolutely love and it will become a pleasure to look at every time you walk by. After all, the art is for you. 

3. Carry a style. Or buy a couple of different artworks by the same artist. This will give your space some continuity and flow. It’s not to say that every piece in your home should be black and white or of a scene in Paris, but by choose a particular style or using the same artist there will be some continuity with elements that carry through. 

4. Be open to a variety of mediums. Not all art has to be a painting. Colourful watercolours will bring in a swathe of colour, sculptures bring in depth, monochrome can add drama and mixed medium artworks will add texture. So have a think about what element you’d like to add to enhance your room and then go on the hunt for that. 

5. Hang it right. And this my friends, is the one final step where so many people often get it wrong, preventing a fabulous piece of artwork for shining like it oh-so deserves to! A great rule of thumb, is that you want the centre of the art work to be eye height (that is approx. 165cm off the floor) if the item is not hanging above something. If it is hanging above a buffet, bedhead or piece of furniture against the wall, an excellent guide is to have the bottom of the piece 15-20 cm above that piece of furniture. This just allows the furniture to breath a little, without the two items looking disjointed. 

So there we have it, 5 very quick tips for choosing and hanging art. I could probably write a blog post on each of these individual tips, there is just so much to it! But ultimately, if you are choosing something you absolutely love and can hang it in a space where it’ll fit right (size wise), you can’t go too wrong!

I hope this post helped you, if you have any questions or would like me to dive in further with any of these tips, shoot me an email or leave a comment below! 

Liv xx


Dining table makeover

Today I wanted to share with you a project thats been in the making for over 2 YEARS!! Seriously, I cant believe how long we’ve been thinking, planning and figuring out this project, all the while having a big, ugly, orange table in the middle of our dining room! 

 Before the magic happened.... 
Before the magic happened…. 

Admittedly, it wasn’t a priority for a long time as we had such a huge list of other (practical, yet, non-pretty) jobs to get done around the house. That list started to clear and then finally, the weather cooled down just enough that all the sanding didn’t seem like such a bad idea!

It took me ages to find a process that would be just right for what we wanted. All I knew was how I wanted it took look in the end but I really had no idea how to get there! Just staining or whitewashing wasn’t going to cut it, so I spent ALOT of time researching different ideas and finally found a process (on this website) that seemed like it could work. Before we tackled the table I tried out the method on a smaller piece of timber, it worked perfectly but also made me realise just how much sanding would be required to get our table back to it’s bare timber state…  

To get the finish, we pretty much just used the tutorial on Heidi!’s blog as a guide, her instructions were simple and easy to follow – the main changes we made were what supplies we used! In the garage we already had white ceiling paint which we watered down for the white wash, and an old can of walnut stain turned out to be the perfect tone for our space. I literally only had to purchase some lacquer (a clear, flooring sealant) from Bunnings and we were ready to get to work…

We started with the table top leaves and once they completed and dry, we removed them and tackled the legs – which were super easy as they just needed a light sanding, undercoat (we used a Zinzer primer) and two top coats (Dulux half-strength Antique White USA in a semi gloss). And that was it – for all the hype we made about how long we thought this project would take, it really was completed faster than I ever imagined! I’m so glad we finally got around to doing this project and am so excited to share it with you all! Every time I walk in this room now, I feel so proud of our hard work and am so pleased with how great it looks in the space. It really has transformed the room…. 

Oh, and for anyone interested… we also purchased these spindle back dining chairs to comeplete the look, which I am also totally in love with! 

What pieces of furniture have you made over?

Let me know in the comments! 

Liv xx

Dive in…

This time of year the beach is simply too good to resist, and it’s always when I come home from beach that I feel most inspired. The fresh sea air, soft sand under your feet, an array of blue that just makes you want to dive in – Nature sure does have a way of bringing the most beautiful things together, and it’s exactly these things that inspired me to pull together this colour scheme. Keep scrolling to check it out… 

Button cushion, pendant light, artwork, potted fern, armchair, velvet cushion, scollop cushion, gold cushion, tassel throw, sofa, colour block throw, coffee table, side table, rug

What places leave you most inspired? 

Let me know in the comments

Liv xx

Inspired by Abstract Art

Art is often one of the most over looked items that can really add a lot to any home. I’ve been to many friends places with bare walls one day and art another and the transformation really is huge. While it’s natural that priorities are to get the practical furniture pieces – sofas, beds, tables etc first, it’s also important that in time our dwellings feel like home.

Enter accessories & art – but at the moment I’ve got my mind set on the art. Whether it’s a gallery wall, a famous painting, something abstract or a sculptural piece adorning your walls – art comes in all different shapes, sizes & prices. Today I wanted to share with you a few abstract pieces that really inspire me, not just because they’re good, but because I also believe they are great ones for a DIY project. Take a peek and let me know what you think… 

A beautiful mess…

Layers of Fabric…

Bold colour… 

Golden texture…

Pastel simplicity…

Hunters Hill Home

So I stumbled over this home in Hinters Hill a few weeks back and I knew straight away I had to file it away for my ‘Home of the Month’ feature. There really is not much to not love about this home, aside from the master bedroom situation which is in a bit of an awkward spot and doesn’t have walk-ins or it’s own bedroom – but even with that I feel I’m being pretty picky!

A Dream of San Francisco

While we were in San Francisco earlier this month, I did a reasonable amount of gawking at all the gorgeous homes. It was on my list for over 6 months to visit the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square (that’s them above) just because I wanted a cute little picnic while ogling at the beautiful architecture! So it came as no surprise that as soon as we got home I was searching away on real estate websites to check out what is behind all those pretty facades.. and it did not disappoint! San Fran – may I just say, you are one beautiful city with many, many gorgeous homes! It took me AGES to chose one to feature this month, but I have a feeling you’ll love this little gem as much as I do – words don’t do it justice, just imagine living here! Classy, sophisticated, light, bright and that staircase – yes, I definitely have a thing for gorgeous staircases and this one is a winner…