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    Chinese New Year

    Chines New Year is just around the corner, and this year is celebrating the Sheep & Goat. In honour of this wonderful time of year for the biggest Asian nation I thought I would share some mind blowing & gorgeous Chinese inspired interiors. From the Ming Dynasty right through to Modern Chinese Design one thing is for sure, the Chinese have a way of refining & perfecting their work to the upmost standard. There are so many elements of traditional and modern Chinese design that are incorporated into western styling – take a look around and you may be quite surprised. From porcelain vases through to wall murals or lattice screens Chinese design brings us…

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    Casual Elegance

    If I were into fashion as much as I am interiors, this would be my style icon. Actually Julia Engel is already my style icon, but she inspires me in other ways. Her blog Gal Meets Glam is one of my most frequented and I’m always dying to steal every outfit she wears. But I’m not here to talk about fashion, I’m here for interiors. So how on earth do these two relate? Julia’s site and style inspires me in a way that I would love to inspire people with their interiors. Everyone has different tastes, but one style that resonates closest with me would have to be casual elegance, and…

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    7 Vignettes – February

    At the start of each month Interiors Addict  (one of my favourite blogs) runs a 7-day competition called 7 Vignettes. I’ve always wanted to play but have felt a little intimidated, however with the start of a new year I thought – why not? So, at the start of this year I resolved to join in and share my little creations each month. February is the second month I participated in 7 Vignettes  (check out my January edition here) and the vignettes I created are shown below. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to completing all 7 vignettes in time but I learnt a big lesson about planning and organisation. Life really gets away from…

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    Styling a bookshelf

    We all have shelves, often filled with not just books but also life’s little trinkets that when not displayed properly can end up look like messy clutter. Whether you have an open bookcase, something with glass doors or a storage unit with solid doors – the difference between having those shelves well organised and styled or not can be quite significant. So here are a few tips to make your book case more appealing. Mix small and large items – Mixing in variety of items in different sizes gives your book case a sense of scale. It’s a knack that can be quite difficult to achieve, but it’s a process that will evolve…

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    Liv Loves

    Can you believe January is almost over? Soon it will be Valentines day and then we’ll be moving into Autumn – time sure does fly when you’re having fun! Anyways, before you head out for a weekend of rest and relaxation, here are five things I’ve been loving and inspired by this week – to give you a little extra Saturday and Sunday inspiration…  Sunday baking inspiration: Minimal Rustic design: This bedroom styling: This gorgeous hand painted globe: Drool worthy outdoor living spaces (especially with firepits):  

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    Back to School – Kid’s study spaces

    Call me old fashioned, but I have always loved the idea of having my (future) children study in a space that is in a common area (like the dining or living room) where I would be able to easily see or help them. Back when I was at school, this space was usually the dining table, as it was for many others in my class. These days anything goes and if you’ve got a spare nook or some blank wall space, creating a small study area can be a lot easier than you think. Check out some of the below images for some inspiration on how you can create a productive and stylish space for…

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    Our Completed Kitchen

    Over the Christmas break, we finally found the time & drive to finish off our kitchen. It’s been a long time coming but I didn’t want to reveal the finished product until it was well…. finished! We’re not quite there but what’s left is just a final coat of paint and probably some new (white) barstools. My Husband did about 99% of the work on this kitchen – from ripping out the old appliances and cupboards; putting together our new cupboards (okay I helped a bit with that); building custom bulkheads and cabinetry details; installing everything; titling; painting; flooring and the list goes on. Basically the only things we didn’t do ourselves were the…

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    Design Challenge – Arranging flowers

    Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about some fun ideas that I could add to this blog. One that kept coming back to me was the idea of a creating a design challenge for each month. Generally I’ll be setting the challenges for me – to help bust out of my comfort zone or to learn new skills, but as each challenge comes along you’re welcome to join in. To start the process (and ensure I stay accountable) here’s a few rules I’ve set…. 1. The challenge: Will be set on the first Tuesday of each month. Whether it’s learning a new art or trying something new in the home I’ll…

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    Magic Carpet Ride

    Whether you have floorboards, tiles or polished floors there is no denying the warmth and character that can be added to a space simply by using the right rug. Be it a runner down the hallway, something soft for your feet in the living room or a statement under the dining table – rugs are a brilliant way to break up large spaces or create zones. There are a couple of myths and rules to keep in mind when choosing your rug – so to ensure you get the best bang for your buck here’s a few tips that may help. Size Matters– This is probably the most important of them all. Take a look at this…

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    Happy Melbourne Cup Day

    Today is Melbourne Cup. In Australia it’s the biggest horse race of the year and commonly known as “the race that stops the nation.” It’s a chance to skip out of work for a few hours spend time celebrating with friends or co-workers. In celebration of this wonderful day I thought I would share some images on ways you can incorporate some horse décor into your home. I grew up horse riding and am a huge fan of these magnificent animals so am quite fond of all of these styles. From Pony hides to rocking horses and all that lies between, I hope you enjoy these rooms as much as the race itself!