Picture Perfect in Pasadena

Today I wanted to share with you a picture perfect home nestled in Pasadena, California. Which also just happens to be one of my favourite spots in the sunny state. We’ve visited Pasadena both times we’ve been to LA and it is just one of those places you instantly fall in love with! My sister-in-law has recently purchased a property here and I can’t wait to get over there to visit her and spend some more time in this beautiful city! But enough about that, let’s check this gorgeous home out… 

What I absolutely love about this home is how open, light and airy it is! The street frontage is to-die-for, looking like something out of a story book and the kitchen has to be seen to be believed! Multiple fireplaces throughout the home and various lounge rooms also get a huge tick from me (but honestly, who wouldn’t give those kind of features a huge tick?). There really isn’t much about this home that I don’t love – even the pool is begging me to dive in, but since we can’t do that through our screens, dive into these pics instead… 

 All images found via real estate site Zillow. Click any image to be directed to the originals. 
All images found via real estate site Zillow. Click any image to be directed to the originals. 

Isn’t it just all class and elegance? So beautiful, what an absolute dream it’d be to live there! I can imagine so many beautiful family gatherings in that gorgeous back yard! What do you think? 

Let me know in the comments! 

Liv xx

5 Tips for choosing Rugs

Today I wanted to share a quick post about choosing rugs. It’s a bit like choosing art in that it can be one of those items that just seems too overwhelming and so we end up going with the simple or the bland, but it doesn’t have to be that way! With a few simple tips and tricks, I feel the rug buying dilemma can be tackled with joy and excitement, instead of worrying that you’ll make the wrong choice!  

1. Size Matters. So many people underestimate how important this one is! If choosing a rug for a lounge room, you ideally want as much of the furniture as possible to be sitting on the rug. This will make your room feel bigger and create a defined conversation space at the same time. It’s a little tricky to explain exactly what I mean in words, so I created this little graphic to help! Designer trick: If you find a gorgeous rug you absolutely love but it’s only in a small size, layer on top of a larger (neutral) rug so the rugs are still cohesive to the space. 

2. Choose your rug first. I know this may not be possible if you’ve already fully furnished a room, but if you can choose your rug before all your other accent pieces. It is much easier to find a rug that you absolutely love and then add cushions, art and decorative accents than it is to find a rug that ties in with all those pieces at the end. 

3.  Be bold with colour or pattern. Rugs can be two things, a softer finish for hard floors or a somewhat of an artwork for you floors! If you have a room that is relatively simple, going for a bold rug can really add a lot of impact without it being too “in-your-face”, especially if you have a coffee table sitting on top of the rug! 

4. Texture. Rugs are a fantastic way to add texture to a space. Shaggy rugs or rugs with beautiful patterns can totally transform the look and feel of a room, bringing in warmth and making a space feel more welcoming, cosy and cohesive. 

5. Choose what you love. It’s a bit like artwork, choosing what you absolutely love will generally result in a purchase that you’ll remain happy with, and in the end, thats what we all want in our homes – Items that spark joy! The added bonus here is this: Most people have a certain style they are drawn to and generally these items that naturally go well together, so when all else fails, go with what is uniquely you!

So there you have it, I hope these tips help you next time you are our trying to find a rug for your home! 

What other tips would you like me to share for purchasing items for your home?

Let me know in the comments! 

Liv xx

Blush, Navy and Gold

It’s no secret that I’m a huge lover of the colour blush. You know that pale, subtle, pink that is just the right dose of girly, without looking like it’s for a 5 year old’s bedroom? Well over the past couple of days I’ve been putting together a little colour scheme that is like something out of my dreams, if only I could make this one a reality! It’s girly but still sophisticated and has just the right amount of glam…. Alas it is a little too girly for the husband! So, for all those gals out there that don’t have a partner telling you that pink ain’t happening in their home, this one is for you…

Where it’s all from:

Pendant lights, artwork, wall shelf, throw, pink cushion, mongolian lamb cushion, armchair, table lamp, X cushion, sofa, coffee table book, coffee table

Kmart Hack: Toy Box makeover

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed with kids, it’s that they require a lot of “stuff”. Thankfully much of this stuff is stored in our little girl’s bedroom, but it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t taken over our main family room! However, I’m a big believer that the home should still remain a place that everyone can enjoy, and so having clever storage in our family room to tidy away all the mess at the end of the day is definitely high on the priority list!

Before Summer was born, we installed a wall of cupboards which were great for platters, our 2nd dinner set, the alcohol stash and the list goes on…. but since welcoming our new little housemate, things have been somewhat reorganised. The bottom half of the cupboards are now an excellent place to hide away bigger toys, books and craft supplies (a little higher up) which can be accessed by our little munchkin without the worry of her pulling something breakable down on her head. For everything else, I knew a trunk would be the best way for us to store away all those little toys…

We ended up buying this basketweave trunk from Kmart for $39 (bargain!) but it wasn’t quite right for our room, so I thought I’d try a little experiment with some watered down paint and I have to say, it worked a charm and took hardly any time at all.

Here’s what I used…

  • A tube of white acrylic non-toxic paint (this is important as I can’t count the number of times our little one has chewed on one of the corners!)
  • Water
  • A large flat brush & an old rag

Once you’ve mixed the paint there is just two steps for this little makeover (For mixing the paint I used about 30% paint to 70% water)! Painting it all on and wiping it off with an old rag. The wicker will absorb quite a bit of the paint, so if you just want a light whitewash use a ratio of more water and less paint, likewise if you’d like a thicker coat, just use less water in the mix!

I didn’t want the finish on our trunk to be totally uniform, so this is where the idea of rubbing with a rag came from (it’s not really a crucial step). I wanted to be able to see some of the wicker through the paint, and so while I was rubbing I just rubbed some areas more than others so the finish would be a little more varied.

What do you do for toy storage? While what we’ve got going on at the moment is perfect, I have a feeling we’re going to need more hiding places soon!

Let me know in the comments

Liv xx

A beautiful home in Brisbane

I’ve often dreamt of packing up and starting a fresh. New city, new neighbourhood and a whole new home to furnish and kit out… we had so much fun setting up our current home, it’s really no surprise that I’d want to do it again! One of the places I’ve often dreamed of is Brisbane and so every so often I change my real estate searches to a sunny land a little further north and this time I feel I struck gold (or rather navy). 

Before I even took a look at the inside of this home, I was in love! A navy house with white trim is what I dream of! There’s just something so fresh & modern yet still classic about this colour combination, that draws on my heartstrings every time! 

But it was when I took a look inside that my jaw really dropped. Capturing the essence of the relaxed timeless style of the Hamptons, this home is light, bright and filled with details that make my heart flutter. The kitchen is like something out of my dreams and I wont even begin on the master – I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves… 

I’ve added in the floor plan with the house hunt too, because I think it really helps give a better idea of what the whole house would be like. I really love this one with the garage at the front, allowing total privacy in the living areas but, what I think is really great is the Master room’s walk-in robe behind the bed – now that’s a detail I’ll keep in mind for the dream house one day.. 

There are tonnes more photos of this beauty on the agents page so if you have a spare moment, I highly recommend clicking through and having a good old fashioned ogle at just how pretty the whole home is! 

What do you think of this house? Let me know in the comments.

Liv xx

Party in the Park + free party planner template!

Confession time! I started writing this post months ago – exactly 3months ago if I’m honest, because I just realised my babe is now 15 months and time has totally gotten away from me! Life with a toddler, right?

So 3 MONTHS ago (!!) we celebrated our baby girls first birthday with a party in the park. To say it was a bit of a logistical nightmare (getting everything from our house to said park) would be an understatement but we did it and I wouldn’t change a thing! 

Over the past couple of years I’ve hosted a few events which have all seemed incredibly daunting at first but ended up running super smoothly on the day and I have to put it down to my ‘over-the-top OCD party planner’. It’s an absolute life saver and has seriously saved my butt every time. So today I thought I’d share this planner with you and let you in on a few handy hints that have really helped me along the way

The planner itself is super simple, even my 7 year old niece could have figured out this one, but it’s all in the details which is what I wanted to share with you today. Check out my completed planner below and you’ll see what I mean – colours, dates types of serving ware – getting into all these details is what has really helped me in planning events.

I like to start out with all the main elements (black text) – the date, venue, menu items, guest list, all the nuts and bolts of what is going to make up the party and then get into the details of when, where & how all these major elements are going to come together (coloured text). Then, while I’m planning all these finer details, I fill the page with colour and dates to categorise things and give me guidelines of when I can do what so everything isn’t left to the last minute! It’s things like…

  • Whats in the cupboard to use as serving ware on the day? Theres nothing worse than stressing out trying to find a plate that will work or an extra jug in the final hours of prep! 
  • When can I purchase items that will keep, and when’s the ideal time to get all the fresh items?
  • What can be made in advance and frozen or what has to be made fresh on the day?

Once all these details are figured out, it’s just a matter of working through the checklist and if a friend comes by to help out on the day you’ve the perfect checklist there for you both to work through. 

I’ve done parties before with all the details in my head, and I’ve done them with bits and pieces written here and there, and undoubtably every time I’ve missed something or someone has had to do a last minute rush to the shops, but with this party planner I really haven’t been able to go wrong. It honestly has been a major life saver and stress eliminator! 

I hope this planner can help you too. I’ve put together two blank versions  – one is a word doc and the other a .pdf (for if you prefer old school and hand writing up all the deets). 

Let me know in the comments if you use this party planner or what your tricks are for a stress free party! 

Liv xx

Monochrome and Timber

When I picture a monochrome room, I often picture something thats quite cold and uninviting, however, thats not how it has to be! With the addition of textures, natural timbers and fresh (or faux) greenery a whole lot of life can be injected into a monochrome scheme, making it feel warm and welcoming. Check out this scheme below for a little inspiration of how you can add some warmth into this an uber-cool scheme! 

Where it’s all from:

Artwork, knitted cushion, Throw, Floor lamp, contrast cushion, table lamp, + cushion, throwarmchair, sofa, faux plant, side table, rug

Top 5 tips for choosing art

Many times I’ve been asked, what sort of artwork would you hang here or what should I fill this space with? The answer really is endless and it’s such a personal choice! What you already have in the space and what you may want to change in the near future can all play key roles in what you end up choosing but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still help out there! Read on for some of my easy tips that may help when on the hunt for a new piece of art. 

1. Consider your space. To me, this is the big one (pun intended)! Scale can make a huge difference to a room, and getting it wrong can really make a Mozart look like play school. Much like an oversized sofa can crowd a small lounge room, a small piece of art hanging by itself can easily look lost on a big white wall. Large rooms and walls command bigger pieces of artwork. A great rule of thumb is that the artwork should fill two-thirds to three-quarters of the space you have available. 

2. Go with your instinct. Art is such a personal choice, and it should be. Choose something you absolutely love and it will become a pleasure to look at every time you walk by. After all, the art is for you. 

3. Carry a style. Or buy a couple of different artworks by the same artist. This will give your space some continuity and flow. It’s not to say that every piece in your home should be black and white or of a scene in Paris, but by choose a particular style or using the same artist there will be some continuity with elements that carry through. 

4. Be open to a variety of mediums. Not all art has to be a painting. Colourful watercolours will bring in a swathe of colour, sculptures bring in depth, monochrome can add drama and mixed medium artworks will add texture. So have a think about what element you’d like to add to enhance your room and then go on the hunt for that. 

5. Hang it right. And this my friends, is the one final step where so many people often get it wrong, preventing a fabulous piece of artwork for shining like it oh-so deserves to! A great rule of thumb, is that you want the centre of the art work to be eye height (that is approx. 165cm off the floor) if the item is not hanging above something. If it is hanging above a buffet, bedhead or piece of furniture against the wall, an excellent guide is to have the bottom of the piece 15-20 cm above that piece of furniture. This just allows the furniture to breath a little, without the two items looking disjointed. 

So there we have it, 5 very quick tips for choosing and hanging art. I could probably write a blog post on each of these individual tips, there is just so much to it! But ultimately, if you are choosing something you absolutely love and can hang it in a space where it’ll fit right (size wise), you can’t go too wrong!

I hope this post helped you, if you have any questions or would like me to dive in further with any of these tips, shoot me an email or leave a comment below! 

Liv xx


Our Little Girl is One – Cake Smash!

I can hardly believe it, a whole year has gone by since we finally got to meet our little bundle of joy! The past 12 months have been an absolute whirlwind of a ride but watching our little one grow from a tiny, helpless newborn to a sassy and independent toddler has been absolutely magical! Of course, as any mother with a serious Pinterest addiction would, we had to celebrate the occasion with an over the top cake smash…

After quite a bit of diliberating, I decided to make the cake and do the photography myself and I’m actually really glad we did that instead of going professional because the whole process of figuring out what we wanted and then taking all the steps (including googling and figuring out how to decorate said cake) was almost more fun than the cake smash itself! Check out the pics below… 

It took a little while for S to really get into it, but when she did it’s safe to say this one was definitely a fan of smashing up cake and thankfully (for mumma) she didn’t eat any of it! Not even a lick! So with all the fun and no post-cake sugar high, this afternoon of fun was definitely a winner in my books! 

I was so happy with how the pics turned out, picking just a few for this post was near impossible!

Have you ever done a cake smash before? Would you? Let me know in the comments! 

Liv xx


Make your own peekaboo sensory boards

Hey guys, today I thought I’d share a little craft project that a good friend and I filmed last week. These peek-a-boo sensory boards have been a huge hit in our house and are seriously so easy to make. The first time I made these (a few months ago) with a bunch of different fabrics and Summer loved it so much that Mel and I thought we’d make another batch, but this time with different textured papers. Check out our little video below for a tutorial on how to make your own! 

If you want to give this a go some ideas for materials are below, but really the options are endless. Anything with varying textures from around your home or your local craft store will work perfectly! 

  • velvet 
  • wool
  • silk 
  • corduroy 
  • carpet 
  • sponge
  • sand paper 
  • metallic gloss paper 
  • corrugated paper 
  • the sticky side of contact paper
  • felt 
  • sheets of foam

Also, make sure you check out Mel’s youtube channel for other great videos & follow her on instagram @sydneymuminspired! 

And of course, let me know if you give these boards a try! 

Liv xx