A beautiful home in Brisbane

I’ve often dreamt of packing up and starting a fresh. New city, new neighbourhood and a whole new home to furnish and kit out… we had so much fun setting up our current home, it’s really no surprise that I’d want to do it again! One of the places I’ve often dreamed of is Brisbane and so every so often I change my real estate searches to a sunny land a little further north and this time I feel I struck gold (or rather navy). 

Before I even took a look at the inside of this home, I was in love! A navy house with white trim is what I dream of! There’s just something so fresh & modern yet still classic about this colour combination, that draws on my heartstrings every time! 

But it was when I took a look inside that my jaw really dropped. Capturing the essence of the relaxed timeless style of the Hamptons, this home is light, bright and filled with details that make my heart flutter. The kitchen is like something out of my dreams and I wont even begin on the master – I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves… 

I’ve added in the floor plan with the house hunt too, because I think it really helps give a better idea of what the whole house would be like. I really love this one with the garage at the front, allowing total privacy in the living areas but, what I think is really great is the Master room’s walk-in robe behind the bed – now that’s a detail I’ll keep in mind for the dream house one day.. 

There are tonnes more photos of this beauty on the agents page so if you have a spare moment, I highly recommend clicking through and having a good old fashioned ogle at just how pretty the whole home is! 

What do you think of this house? Let me know in the comments.

Liv xx

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