Top 5 tips for choosing art

Many times I’ve been asked, what sort of artwork would you hang here or what should I fill this space with? The answer really is endless and it’s such a personal choice! What you already have in the space and what you may want to change in the near future can all play key roles in what you end up choosing but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still help out there! Read on for some of my easy tips that may help when on the hunt for a new piece of art. 

1. Consider your space. To me, this is the big one (pun intended)! Scale can make a huge difference to a room, and getting it wrong can really make a Mozart look like play school. Much like an oversized sofa can crowd a small lounge room, a small piece of art hanging by itself can easily look lost on a big white wall. Large rooms and walls command bigger pieces of artwork. A great rule of thumb is that the artwork should fill two-thirds to three-quarters of the space you have available. 

2. Go with your instinct. Art is such a personal choice, and it should be. Choose something you absolutely love and it will become a pleasure to look at every time you walk by. After all, the art is for you. 

3. Carry a style. Or buy a couple of different artworks by the same artist. This will give your space some continuity and flow. It’s not to say that every piece in your home should be black and white or of a scene in Paris, but by choose a particular style or using the same artist there will be some continuity with elements that carry through. 

4. Be open to a variety of mediums. Not all art has to be a painting. Colourful watercolours will bring in a swathe of colour, sculptures bring in depth, monochrome can add drama and mixed medium artworks will add texture. So have a think about what element you’d like to add to enhance your room and then go on the hunt for that. 

5. Hang it right. And this my friends, is the one final step where so many people often get it wrong, preventing a fabulous piece of artwork for shining like it oh-so deserves to! A great rule of thumb, is that you want the centre of the art work to be eye height (that is approx. 165cm off the floor) if the item is not hanging above something. If it is hanging above a buffet, bedhead or piece of furniture against the wall, an excellent guide is to have the bottom of the piece 15-20 cm above that piece of furniture. This just allows the furniture to breath a little, without the two items looking disjointed. 

So there we have it, 5 very quick tips for choosing and hanging art. I could probably write a blog post on each of these individual tips, there is just so much to it! But ultimately, if you are choosing something you absolutely love and can hang it in a space where it’ll fit right (size wise), you can’t go too wrong!

I hope this post helped you, if you have any questions or would like me to dive in further with any of these tips, shoot me an email or leave a comment below! 

Liv xx


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