Party in the Park + free party planner template!

Confession time! I started writing this post months ago – exactly 3months ago if I’m honest, because I just realised my babe is now 15 months and time has totally gotten away from me! Life with a toddler, right?

So 3 MONTHS ago (!!) we celebrated our baby girls first birthday with a party in the park. To say it was a bit of a logistical nightmare (getting everything from our house to said park) would be an understatement but we did it and I wouldn’t change a thing! 

Over the past couple of years I’ve hosted a few events which have all seemed incredibly daunting at first but ended up running super smoothly on the day and I have to put it down to my ‘over-the-top OCD party planner’. It’s an absolute life saver and has seriously saved my butt every time. So today I thought I’d share this planner with you and let you in on a few handy hints that have really helped me along the way

The planner itself is super simple, even my 7 year old niece could have figured out this one, but it’s all in the details which is what I wanted to share with you today. Check out my completed planner below and you’ll see what I mean – colours, dates types of serving ware – getting into all these details is what has really helped me in planning events.

I like to start out with all the main elements (black text) – the date, venue, menu items, guest list, all the nuts and bolts of what is going to make up the party and then get into the details of when, where & how all these major elements are going to come together (coloured text). Then, while I’m planning all these finer details, I fill the page with colour and dates to categorise things and give me guidelines of when I can do what so everything isn’t left to the last minute! It’s things like…

  • Whats in the cupboard to use as serving ware on the day? Theres nothing worse than stressing out trying to find a plate that will work or an extra jug in the final hours of prep! 
  • When can I purchase items that will keep, and when’s the ideal time to get all the fresh items?
  • What can be made in advance and frozen or what has to be made fresh on the day?

Once all these details are figured out, it’s just a matter of working through the checklist and if a friend comes by to help out on the day you’ve the perfect checklist there for you both to work through. 

I’ve done parties before with all the details in my head, and I’ve done them with bits and pieces written here and there, and undoubtably every time I’ve missed something or someone has had to do a last minute rush to the shops, but with this party planner I really haven’t been able to go wrong. It honestly has been a major life saver and stress eliminator! 

I hope this planner can help you too. I’ve put together two blank versions  – one is a word doc and the other a .pdf (for if you prefer old school and hand writing up all the deets). 

Let me know in the comments if you use this party planner or what your tricks are for a stress free party! 

Liv xx

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