Dining table makeover

Today I wanted to share with you a project thats been in the making for over 2 YEARS!! Seriously, I cant believe how long we’ve been thinking, planning and figuring out this project, all the while having a big, ugly, orange table in the middle of our dining room! 

 Before the magic happened.... 
Before the magic happened…. 

Admittedly, it wasn’t a priority for a long time as we had such a huge list of other (practical, yet, non-pretty) jobs to get done around the house. That list started to clear and then finally, the weather cooled down just enough that all the sanding didn’t seem like such a bad idea!

It took me ages to find a process that would be just right for what we wanted. All I knew was how I wanted it took look in the end but I really had no idea how to get there! Just staining or whitewashing wasn’t going to cut it, so I spent ALOT of time researching different ideas and finally found a process (on this website) that seemed like it could work. Before we tackled the table I tried out the method on a smaller piece of timber, it worked perfectly but also made me realise just how much sanding would be required to get our table back to it’s bare timber state…  

To get the finish, we pretty much just used the tutorial on Heidi!’s blog as a guide, her instructions were simple and easy to follow – the main changes we made were what supplies we used! In the garage we already had white ceiling paint which we watered down for the white wash, and an old can of walnut stain turned out to be the perfect tone for our space. I literally only had to purchase some lacquer (a clear, flooring sealant) from Bunnings and we were ready to get to work…

We started with the table top leaves and once they completed and dry, we removed them and tackled the legs – which were super easy as they just needed a light sanding, undercoat (we used a Zinzer primer) and two top coats (Dulux half-strength Antique White USA in a semi gloss). And that was it – for all the hype we made about how long we thought this project would take, it really was completed faster than I ever imagined! I’m so glad we finally got around to doing this project and am so excited to share it with you all! Every time I walk in this room now, I feel so proud of our hard work and am so pleased with how great it looks in the space. It really has transformed the room…. 

Oh, and for anyone interested… we also purchased these spindle back dining chairs to comeplete the look, which I am also totally in love with! 

What pieces of furniture have you made over?

Let me know in the comments! 

Liv xx

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