Style Stakes: Get Wired

Wire furniture is another style element I’ve been seeing pop up everywhere over the past few months, from Instagram to high end magazines and now furniture home-wares stores such as Freedom or Adairs.

With it’s light weight appearance, there is little wonder why this style has surged in popularity,  it gives us the ability to furnish homes (outdoors or in) with pieces that would otherwise feel too heavy or solid.  

There’s a lot to be said about any kind of furniture that has this effect, from Louis Ghost Chairs to glass dining tables – they give us a crazy cool illusion of space. Wired furniture is simply the next step forward in what I like to call Illusion pieces. Coming in any colour of the rainbow, these pieces are also fun and make for great statement pieces, be it a funky pendant light, art on the wall or an architecture chair.

Check out the pics below for some design inspiration on how you can get wired in your home. 

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