5 Ways with Jute Rugs

Growing up we always had a Jute rug in our family living room. It was practical, added great texture and Mum didn’t need to worry about it getting trashed because it was so darn hardy. With three kids and two dogs, those were all very important criteria. But something else that’s always been important to my mum (and something I should thank her for) is that the rug also worked aesthetically. Which it did because they, being so neutral go with everything!

Whether it’s getting that perfect Hampton’s look,  bringing texture into a modern space, making a formal room look a little more relaxed, adding to a country vibe or just adding in some warmth – Jute rugs work.

To help you along with how they work, below is 5 ways you can use them in your home.. 

1. To Give a room texture: Perfect for modern settings, a jute rug will bring some texture and life into a room that has been furnished with minimal style and flat surfaces such as materials like leather or concrete. 

2. To give an otherwise formal room a more casual vibe: Being made of natural materials Jute rugs have a very textured and casual vibe about them, but this works to their advantage – making them a perfect addition to give formal space bit more of a relaxed feel.

3. As a base for layering smaller rugs: Being so neutral, Large jute rugs make for the perfect canvas to layer a smaller, patterned or a more striking rug. As Jute is also inexpensive this a a great budget friendly idea if you are after a designer rug, but can not afford the larger size. 

4. To warm up a dining area – Dining tables can be a bit stark on their own, but adding a rug below is great for zoning the dining area and bringing some warmth and texture into the space. Jute is also a great material choice because (due to it’s mottled texture), marks or stains are easily disguised. 

5. To define an area: In an open plan space, rugs (in general) are a great way to define an area. Whether it’s a sitting, TV or eating area, using a rug that is large enough to hold all the furniture for the setting will set a boundary and give the illusion of a more defined space. And when you’re looking for an over-sized rug – Jute is a great, budget friendly option.

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