Colour of the Week – Chocolate

Darker brown is one colour that is either totally in, or thought of as dated or old fashioned. Case in point, just the thought Mission brown sends shivers down my spine – it’s been the ugly duckling of neutrals for a good number of years – but that doesn’t meant that other shades of brown are also off the agenda. Take Chocolate brown for example, it’s deep and rich but doesn’t have as much red in it so it’s more modern and contemporary for today’s market. Chocolate brown, like it’s friends Charcoal and Navy Blue has been growing in popularity for a little while now – chocolate stained floors or chocolate timber veneers in cabinetry is popping up more and more often. With fresh whites the look is elegant and classic, with gold it’s rich and glamorous and it’s also a great neutral to allow colour to stand out. Take a look at the pics below for some serious (but beautiful) chocolate inspiration….. and then go indulge that chocolate craving with something sweet & delicious!

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