Blushing Night sky

A dark night sky with blush pink, crisp white and a hint of pale turquoise would have to be one of my favourite colour combinations at the moment. It’s reminiscent of dusky sunsets or that last light glow reflecting on deep blue waters and it’s one of the calmest colour combinations I can think of and with just the right amount of masculinity (the solid, strong blue) and femininity (hints of blush pink) it’s a great combination for all. I could spend all day playing around with pieces of furniture and decor items for this kind of scheme, but this one below with that statement armchair hits just the right spot for today’s post! 

Get the look: 1. Sofa, 2 Pendant Light, 3. Blush Pink Cushion, 4. Occasional Tables, 5. Striped Cushion, 6. Pot Plant, 7. Moon Cushion, 8.  Artwork,  9. Rug, 10. Floor Lamp,  11. Armchair 

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