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Happy Friday!! I hope everyone has had a lovely (all be it short) week! I almost always debate with myself, but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that a short week is ALMOST better than the long weekend, but hey I’m sure I could be swayed to think otherwise. This weekend we’re heading down to Bowral for a very close friends wedding, I’m super exciting to be celebrating her day and can not wait to also spend a little time exploring Bowral. It’s going to be chilli, but I’m sure beautiful! But before I click off for the week, here’s what’s been inspiring me over the past few days…

Bright, colourful spaces… Okay, I’ll be honest. This room has more than enough colour in it for me, I am definitely a self confessed lover of neutral colour palettes, but I do love how has been seasoned with just the right amount of colour….

Bold & beautiful Front doors …. Right, so that self confession of a love for the neutral? Yes we’ll I’m also female! So last weekend we painted our architraves (still got the actual doors to be painted). We went with a gorgeous taupe colour and were going to do the same with the front door, until I thought “no, the front door needs to say hello it a bright and beautiful way.” Enter inspiration image number 1…

Winter food…While this may not look like a typical winter meal (hello stews and roast dinners), it definitely can be created from one. Using left overs or seasonal veggies that need eating up, I love the idea of putting together a winter salad filled with nourishing ingredients –  it also looks pretty darn beautiful & delish too!

This awesome graphic… because well it’s Friday and however tough your week was, it’s time to let loose and shake it off!

Or simply relax… In a bath that was made just for you. I would seriously love a bath like this! While we are lucky enough to have a bath, it’s small and not even I can fit in it without sitting up straight and bending my knees, it’s just not quite the same as something as luxurious as this… a girl can dream!

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