For the love of White

There are a few styles for interiors that I really love – Hamptons, Scandi, Coastal, name a few but within all these styles, there is something in particular that I love the most- the colour white. Whether its white panelling in a Hamptons home, white sofas that are found so often in coastal lounge rooms or iconic white painted floorboards. White is clean, fresh, bright and inviting but it can also be stark and clinical. To achieve the more inviting look, a few small tricks can make a huge difference…

Balance with black – An all white space, can in truth be a little bland but by adding just a touch of black (or grey) rooms can be modernised and given some substance. Keep in mind, a tiny bit goes a long way, whether it is black framed mirrors or abstract black and white cushions, just a hint here and there will have great impact.

Bring the outdoors in – Adding some fresh greenery to any space is always a welcomed addition. And aside from the health benefits of having living plants in your home, indoor plants add life and vibrancy to any space. It can be a simple as some small cacti or as impactful as an oversized fiddle leaf fig or Sansevieria.

Choose your whites carefully – Cold whites can very quickly equal cold spaces. If your home doesn’t get a lot of sun or warmth opt for whites that are more on the creamier side. Pairing with pale timbers is also a brilliant way to create a warmer space that feels grounded.

Embrace Texture – If you’re creating an ‘all-white’ space be sure to include lots of texture, this will add depth and character to rooms that could otherwise end up looking like a blank canvas. Whether it is sleek and shiny surfaces, paired with matt white furniture and leather sofas for a minimalist white look, or layers of throws, cushion, chunky knits and textured wall panels (like the one below) – utilising different surface finishes will create a space that is more welcoming and pleasing to the eye.

Wash in white – To create a space that embraces more white, while not being an all white space, think out side the box. Timber floors, brick walls or even over-sized baskets that have a soft white-wash will bring in more white without being over bearing. It’s sometimes just the soft touches of white that can be the best way to brighten up the right space.

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