Design Challenge – Mixing Patterns

At the start of the year,  I got to thinking about how I can continue to grown and develop as a designer. I had the idea of creating a “design challenge” for each month where I’ll be setting (myself) specific challenges to help bust out of my comfort zone or learn a new skill. To ensure I stay accountable below are few rules I’ve set….

1. The challenge: Will be set on the first Tuesday of each month. Whether it’s learning a new art or trying something new in the home I’ll spend the next few weeks figuring out as much as I can on the topic.

2.  The reveal or results: Will be shared on the last Tuesday of that month. I say reveal or results as some may end with a tutorial of what I found, while others may result in a reveal of what’s been created.

3. Taking part: You are welcome to join me on these little adventures using the hashtag #DesignChallenge & tag @Livwithvision.

4. The most important:  These challenges are mostly about having fun and exploring new ideas!  It’s all about being friendly, generous, supportive, sharing.

So lets get started already….

This months challenge is going to be on mixing patterns, it’s an art that sometimes baffles me (and many, many others) but there are definitely some principals and rules that can be applied for effectively putting together a variety of patterns. I want to play with these rules, with a hope of breaking out of my own failsafe white basics. So from mixing up cushions on the sofa to having patterned walls or dinnerware, it’s going to be a month of playtime when it comes to spots, stripes and all that lies between..

Design Challenge: Mixing Patterns


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