Interior Design Trends 2014 – A Bevy of Blues

It is not surprising that blue is the world’s (unofficial) favourite colour. Be it clear skies or tranquil waters – blue is a colour that we see a lot of in nature, so it is natural that we are drawn to it in our homes. I chose this trend as the last in this series as I believe it is not just a trend. The colour blue comes and goes in popularity throughout the year (almost every year). However, we are starting to see colour more in homes as people are being courageous with their choices and hence, blue’s popularity is becoming more continuous. Virtually all these rooms below have beautiful neutral bases which have been dressed and accessorised in shades of blue that evoke a sense of calm. They are such simple touches, bringing life and personality to each of the rooms and are additions that can easily be interchanged (by editing cushions, rugs or artwork) as the seasons pass.

A bevy of blues – just the name of it sounds cool and inviting….

pic 2pic 4pic 5pic 6pic 3pic 1

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