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Rembering the ANZACs

Can you believe it’s already Friday again? After the week of weather we’ve had, the first half almost felt like it rolled into one day and here we are as quick as anything on the cusp of the weekend again! Not that I’m complaining -this weekend is going to be a pretty nice one with my Mum coming to stay, I’m really looking forward to some quality time with her and perhaps a little mother-daughter shopping! If you’re in Sydney I hope you have kept safe this week and have something lovely planned for the weekend! With all that being said, here are a few things that inspired me throughout this stormyweek…. 1. ANZAC Biscuits-This time of year always calls for them and this year especially as we remember 100 years since the landing at Gallipoli in 1915 by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.

2. Poppy Flowers – along the same lines, this iconic red flower is another beautiful way we remember the soldiers who fought for us in World War 1.

3. Bold patterned floors – with shaker cabinetry and stunning bevelled edge mirrors…

4. The Painted Ladies of San Francisco– We’re visiting San Francisco in August so with all the rainy weather, dreaming of these beauties has been an instant pick-me-up!

5. The perfect reading nook for rainy days – I actually think I could live in this little corner!

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