Operation Organise – Lounge Rooms

Spring has officially sprung, and with that comes Spring cleaning and the chance to get your life organised.
Being organised is a big thing for me. I can handle a bit of dust here and there, but feel completely frazzled when my surroundings are not organised. So much so, that my mum and sister have always teased me for having everything down to my underwear draw as neat as possible.

So with that in mind, I thought I would put together an operation organise series. Over the next few weeks we will be tackling one room at a time, starting with the Lounge and moving through to the Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and Garage.

The number one key to remember for any room is everything has a place and should be kept in it’s place. The next thing to remember is, no two rooms are the same. What works in one room, may not in another but there are always opportunities to do something different (and possibly better). So without further ado… lets get organising!

Week 1 – The Lounge

1. Less is more – One word: Declutter. Do you really need it? Is it in the right room? Have You used it in the past 3 -6 months? If you’re answering no, no, no to these questions then you need to consider whether of not the item is worth the space that it’s taking up. Be ruthless – it’s my favourite word and probably my most dangerous quality, as I will happily throw away unwanted items without second thought!

lounge 7

2. After being ruthless think of the children. No, not yours, but the ones out there who aren’t as fortunate. Is your item something that could go to another home? Even magazines can be donated to op shops and will enjoy a second life. Spend some time sorting through what can go to another home, be recycled or be thrown out.

lounge 5

3. Spring Clean – Now that you’ve got a fresh start get those rubber gloves on, the vacuum out & start spring cleaning your space. Nothing is more therapeutic than putting all your beloved items back in a sparkling clean home. Taking everything out of their original space can also give you fresh ideas to place items in a new location.

lounge - 3

4. Baskets, Boxes & Bookshelves – All of the above can be worked into your room to become a part of the design, rather than obstacles or intrusions in your space. Whether your home is country classic or minimal modern, these days there are many furniture solutions online and off, so finding something perfect for your space has never been easier. As online options, check out Temple & Webster or The Home for great daily deals and Zanui or Crate & Barrel for some fantastic buys.
lounge - 2

lounge 6

5. Hidden storage – Okay, here’s where we can start to think outside the box. Think, hidden drawers in coffee tables, window seating with storage, push-open cupboards or storage ottomans. Any of these will work exceptionally well to hide away items that you want close by, but not on show.

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