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Happy Friday!

TGIF! For me, the first week back after being on holidays can often be a little tricky – between jet lag and trying to hold onto those last holiday moments, one can quickly find themselves wishing their normal life away. 

Thankfully this week has been different. Since we came home from The States, I’ve been finding myself feeling super grateful for all that we have at home. All the little things that we’re taken for granted before, seem like little luxuries and I’m relishing in it all! 

Now it’s been a little while since I’ve shared some of the things I’ve been loving, crushing on and wishing for but that doesn’t mean my eyes haven’t been wondering. While we were away there was much inspiration to be found EVERYWHERE but since we’ve got back, there’s been a lot at home too, so without further adieu here’s what’s been catching my eye….

The new freedom range for Spring/Summer… 

Paired Back gallery walls…

Tropical Vibes…

The collision of antique and modern furniture…

Alfresco preparations

Whats been inspiring you this week? 

I hope you all have lovely plans for the weekend! 

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