A cushy world – Winter Cushion Combinations

When I think of winter, I think of rich textures, warm colours, lots of layers and a sweet comfy spot to snuggle up into. Fragrant spices like turmeric, paprika or cinnamon give me the feeling of warmth and it’s these colours that often inspire my winter colour palettes. So with that in mind, below I’ve put together a few winter cushion combinations, from the all out neutral and full of layered textures to more colour intense schemes that are both bold and beautiful. For me the most important aspect when throwing together winter cushions, is to incorporate some texture, whether it’s faux fur, a chunky weave, velvet or knitted – just one or two of these cushions will bring greater depth and that cosy appeal to your home… 

White babushka Cushion, Mongolian Lamb Cushion, Santona Lounge Cushion

Winter Leaf Cushion, Chrysanthemum Cushion, Kew Cushion

Studded Velvet Cushion, Stone Cushion, Liana Knitted Cushion 

Kew Cushion, Cactus Cushion, Porter Cushion

Fable CushionJane Woollen cushion, Aberdeen Cushion

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