Design Trends 2015 – Big Comfy Furniture

Big comfy furniture is a trend that is less about looks and more about comfort – and there is no man that is going to complain about that! Whether is a big comfy chair in a sunny spot or an over-sized sofa with extravagant chaise these plush items have definitely become a big hit over the past couple of years and it all makes complete sense. In today’s world where everything is so fast paced, rushed and (sometimes) stressful, when one gets home from a long day there is often nothing better than curling up with a nice glass of wine to de-stress. From outdoor lounges to plush sofas, furniture that is made to be ‘lived in’ has really taken off. We’ve seen outdoor furniture go crazy in popularity and while big comfy couches are nothing new, I’m definitely seeing them around a lot more and loving the look of a relaxed living space. So grab a glass, curl up and enjoy…. 

Get the look…

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