A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

Now that we’re stepping into Autumn, nights are starting to get a little cooler and the thought of snuggling up on the couch with a good book or movie is becoming more appealing. Snuggling up with lots of cushions (and a great blanket) is definitely the best way and about this time of year I think it’s nice to swap out the summer brights for something a bit more seasonal. The added bonus is, updating your cushions is bar far one of the easiest and most effective ways to change the overall theme of a living space. I have my year round cushions of choice – generally neutrals that can tie in with a variety of colours, patterns or other textures – but I tend to feel the need to switch up my cushions as the weather changes. Here’s a selection of some combinations I’m loving for Autumn:
1. Midnight Blush: Autumn doesn’t mean everything has to be in shades of red and gold, mixing in blush pink (a typically Spring colour) with black or charcoal grey is a great way to make this trendy tone work for both seasons. I can picture this combo on modern black or pale grey leather.

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

Lev Cushion, Midnight Blush Cushion, Mezi Cushion

2. Golden Texture: I really love all the gold foiled cushions that are hitting the shelves at the moment, mixing this trend in with some abstract prints and a faux fur is a great way to add some cosy comfort while still enjoying a little sparkle. This look would work beautifully on a cream or chocolate brown sofa.

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

Golden Mirror Tiles Cushion, Alaska Cushion, Gilt Limited Edition Cushion

3. Giraffe Safari: I don’t know why, but for me Autumn is the season of Animal prints. Whether its leopard, zebra or cowhide these patterns just suit the season really well. Mixing in with a playful floral, the animal print transforms in a more neutral texture and the overall look stands out beautifully. I’d love to see this look on a chunky cord, cream couch

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

Faux Dark Giraffe Cushion, Leather Cushion, Celeste Breakfast Cushion

4. Pumpkin Fields: Orange and Navy go together like bread a butter and in Autumn I couldn’t think of a colour scheme that’s any more seasonally appropriate. I love this herringbone cushion mixed in with the luscious velvet and knitted texture – it would pair well on a classic brown sofa.

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

Velvet Cushion, Hunter Cushion, Herringbone Cushion

5. Grey Sunshine: Charcoal is another classic for Autumn (and a great colour to use year round), while the added pop of yellow brightens the look. The combinations of a textured check, studded velvet and cheery print would make white sofas more seasonally appropriate for cooler months.

A Cushy World: Autumn Cushion Combinations

5. Grey Sunshine: Jed CushionStudded Velvet Cushion, Botanica Cushion

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