Design Challenge – Arranging flowers

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about some fun ideas that I could add to this blog. One that kept coming back to me was the idea of a creating a design challenge for each month. Generally I’ll be setting the challenges for me – to help bust out of my comfort zone or to learn new skills, but as each challenge comes along you’re welcome to join in. To start the process (and ensure I stay accountable) here’s a few rules I’ve set….

1. The challenge: Will be set on the first Tuesday of each month. Whether it’s learning a new art or trying something new in the home I’ll spend the next few weeks figuring out as much as I can on the topic.

2.  The reveal or results: Will be shared on the last Tuesday of that month. I say reveal or results as some may end with a tutorial of what I found, while others may result in a reveal of what’s been created.

3. Taking part: You are welcome to join me on these little adventures using the hashtag #DesignChallenge & tag @Livwithvision.

4. The most important:  These challenges are mostly about having fun and exploring new ideas!  It’s all about being friendly, generous, supportive, sharing.

So lets get started already….

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore flowers – we even have a weekly budget to spend on flowers for our home! But there’s one thing that I’ve never really known how to do and that’s arrange them. I’m not talking a bouquet to carry down the aisle, but arranging for the home – in vases big & small. I always buy flowers thinking “oh I’ll just do a rustic thrown together bouquet” but then it never quite works out how I’d like it to. Sometime this year I’d love to take a weekend course on the topic, but for now I’m setting myself the challenge to find out as much as I can from the wide, wonderful, web. Over the next few weeks I want to learn some ways to arrange flowers, from YouTube to other blogs, I’ll do the foot-work (or finger-work) to find as many tips and tricks as I can. Whether I succeed or fail, I’ll keep you posted on Instagram (follow @livwithvision) and share my results here on Tuesday 27th Jan…. wish me luck! x

Liv with Vision | Deisgn CHallenge: Arranging flowers



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