Rustic French

Rustic French Living area

Nope, sadly this post is not about bread but if you happen to be munching on some crusty baguette while reading, bonus points for you! Today I’m talking about Rustic French interiors and there are a couple of words that automatically come to mind when I think of this style – rustic, glam, natural and elegant. It’s a look that is really only suited to specific criteria, but that doesn’t mean it’s a look that can’t be enjoyed by many. Rustic French interiors reveal a humble side of French design, that is stripped back to reveal the natural beauty and then highlighted by elegant French pieces, be it a glamorous chandelier or classic Louis chair – almost as enjoyable as a rust, french loaf…

Rustic French KitchenRustic French LivingRustic French DiningRustic French Bedroom

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