Autumn Colour Schemes – Pumpkin Patch

This post goes out to my mum, who is a true Autumn person. A fierce lover of all things pumpkin, terracotta, olive green, chocolate, plum and warm creams – Autumn is her colour season and it’s the season I grew up with (perhaps that’s why I love Spring so much!). So mum, I hope you’re reading this! We are now in the season of deep rich colours, its the season to introduce warmth and a sense of cosy back into your home and it’s a season of change. Leaves start to turn golden, the mornings and evenings gradually get cooler and our appetite for things more wholesome gets a bit stronger. The colour palettes of autumn reflect beautifully around these changes and today we’re taking a look at one of my favourite vegetables that inspires a myriad of colour schemes – Pumpkin. Working in beautifully with creams, taupes, greys, varying shades chocolate brown and navy blue, pumpkin is a colour that instantly gives rooms warmth and a sense of cosy. Take a look below at some spaces that really capture the season and just make you want to get all snuggly..
Pumpkin meets Texture – The real hero in this picture is not the gorgeous shade pumpkin, but the mixture of textures. Chunky rugs, rich velvets & wool knits give this space a lot of depth and character. But you can image the same textures in pastel pinks would quickly turn this space in to more of a spring setting.

Pumpkin patch decorating | Liv with Vision

Stand out colour: Taking away some textures and we start to see how important colour palettes can be. This one, using charcoal and the natural timber really allow the orange hue to stand out..

Pumpkin Patch Decorting | Liv with Vision

Natural pleaser – Simply adding some natural elements from around your garden or local park can make a huge impact in giving your home that autumn feeling. These orange blossoms, styled with a few other autumnal accents really give this entry space a beautiful touch.

Pumpkin Patch Decoratingg | Liv with Vision

Subtle touches – Sometimes subtle is best. Hints of pumpkin tones in the trunk coffee table, rug, wall art and cushions give this eclectic space warmth and help make it more inviting and cosy.

Pumpkin Patch Decorating | Liv with Vision

Tan & Pumpkin – I love this combination of tan leather sofa with the pumpkin hued dining chairs, paired with subtle hints of navy and warm creams, the space is inviting and cosy while still being bright and fresh.





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