Operation Organise: Clever Kitchen Tips

Having an organised kitchen is one of my top priorities in the home – without this space being clean, organised and tidy, stepping into the kitchen just isn’t as enjoyable. Now being 90% of the way through our own kitchen renovation, we have had the blessing of being able to sit down and design our kitchen plan around how we want to operate. Today I would have liked LOVED this post to also include our reveal of the new space, but there are still a few final touches to finish before we are at that stage.
While we have built much of our kitchen using drawers (the best way to get maximum storage space), today I’m going to share five of my best organisation tips that don’t require any renovation at all.

1. Door mounted storage – Whether its inside your panty for spices or under the sink for scrubbing brushes and kitchen towels, door mounted storage is already one of my favourite additions to our kitchen. Check out options from Ikea or Howards Storage World for permanent options, or for those who don’t have that luxury, let DIY skills shine through.

Door Sixteen

2. Two for One – Double your shelf space by installing under-shelf baskets (especially for items like cling wrap or spaghetti) or temporary stackable shelves.

kitchen 2

3. The Pantry – I absolutely LOVE well organised pantries, and couldn’t tell you how many hours I have spent researching how we are going to be decking ours out. What I have found, is that open shelving (that is well spaced out) is probably the best and most flexible option. From there, everything from matching containers, well stacked cans or jars, baskets and the like can be added in to suit your needs. One trick I’ll definitely be implementing is using staged platforms to give better visibility for items in the back of the cupboard.

Simply Fabulous Living

Buy the pretty things – I’m talking about the bottles you keep on the counter, whether its for washing-up liquid, hand soap or oils next to the stove top. Invest in nice bottles that are reusable and a pleasure to look at, rather than your typical Morning Fresh fluoro green bottle. I highly recommend the Fleur De Sel dish soap from Williams-Sonoma (pictured below) – it smells absolutely divine!


Use Platters or Stands –  Placing a collection of items on a chopping board, cake stand, pretty platter or in a basket on the counter works wonders at creating a tidier space. The theory is, four or five items sitting on the bench-top appear as four or five items, when the same items are clustered together on a board or in a basket, our eyes now see the collection as one item hence giving the illusion of an uncluttered space.


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