Design Challenge Reveal – Flower Arranging

From YouTube to Martha Stewart, Country Living and countless Pinterest boards, it’s been a fun month learning many tricks for arranging fresh blooms. Not surprisingly, the best tips I learnt were from YouTube where I could follow along with tutorials. I found this YouTube account to be the best for actual flower arranging tips, but for getting the most out of my pretty stems I found some great and unusual tips from a variety of sites. Of all the tips I discovered, here are my top five:
1. Take your flowers home as quickly as possible and place them in cold water straight away.

2. Cut stems at an angle to give a larger surface area for water to penetrate into the stem.

3. Use clippers or a knife rather than scissors. Scissors can crack some stems (like Gerberas or Tulips) which will stop them from being able to absorb the water.

4. Remove as many leaves from the stems as possible, just keeping those at the top of the stem that will be seen above the vase. Leaves typically drink the water before the flower gets a chance, so if all the water is going to the leaves your flowers won’t last as long!

5, Use that flower food that comes with your bunch of flowers and if you can, get a couple of extra sachets for when you replace the water (every couple of days). It can also work wonders to add a drop or two (no more than 1/4 tsp) of bleach to the water to kill off any bad bacteria.

On to the arranging…. To keep things fresh, I decided to wait until today to do my flower arranging. Picking up the flowers I decided to go with a monochrome colour scheme and ended up with a variety of soft coral flowers and a mix of some greenery too – something I never would have previously thought to buy. The rest is, as they say, history – but here’s a few pics of all the fun I had.









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