LA Adventures

A few weeks ago, hubby and I took a trip to LA to visit family, enjoy thanksgiving and spend a crazy amount of time shopping. I can honestly say we ticked all three boxes very successfully and had an incredible time doing so. Los Angeles is one city that has always been in my top five travel destinations, so I was a little scared I’d come away feeling I’d hyped it up to much – but no, LA delivered on every level and I can not wait to go back! Below are my top five highlights from the trip. If you ever get to go, I highly recommend them all – especially cycling Santa Monica at sunset!
1. Thanksgiving – this day really meant the most to us, because we don’t get to enjoy this holiday in Australia. The whole day was a wonderful experience and sharing it with our American family was the best part about it!



2. Santa Monica – From the get go I wanted to do this – but I never dreamed it would be as beautiful as it was. We hired bikes from one of many bike rental shops in the area, and then rode along the beach all the way from Santa Monica Pier down to Venice beach. We managed to time it just right so that we had a perfect sunset as we were riding back.

Santa Monica


3. Disneyland – Would have to be the highlight for anyone who’s lucky enough to visit! We ended up being there on one of the busiest weeks of the year, but still managed to enjoy all the rides we wanted to. Feeling like we were stepping back into our childhood, we can say it really is the happiest place on earth!



4. The Grove and Glendale Shopping – It’s hard to find shopping this pretty in Sydney. There’s something about shopping in the States thats so different to here (even if I’m in the same stores). The open air malls, the people and the whole atmosphere is just different – and I totally love it!

The Grove


5. LA Zoo – Going to a zoo in another country is a great way to get to know the local wildlife. Flamingoes, Brown bears, Jaguars and Condors were among some of the animals we’ve never seen in person before, so it was an unreal experience getting to see them all in the flesh!

LA Zoo


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