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I don’t know quite know why, but this weekend has got me really excited! It’s not even that we have anything particularly special planned – I’m just looking forward to sipping a glass of wine this evening, catching up with friends and enjoying a little break! But before all that, I wanted to share some of my favourite instagram accounts for this weeks Liv Loves. All for varying reasons, but each on really inspires me in various parts of my life – and I hope they can inspire you too!
1. My Handsome Online – This account features lots of design inspiration for the home and little ones. Half the time it’s just too cute!


2. Affordable Style Files – Great ideas for the home that are totally attainable, Hong is a designer and stylist with some great ideas for your home and beyond.

affordable style files

3. Julia h Engel – Is not only gorgeous but also has impeccable style. Julia authors a gorgeous blog while (what seems like) travelling all over Europe and the US 90% of the time. I absolutely adore this girl, could steal anything she wears, and as a bonus the photography is always beautiful too!

 Julia Engel

4. Nourish_Naturally – Is all about health and well bring.  As a qualified nutritionist, Rebecca is all about a natural, balanced diet filled with lots of fruit and veg – and as a bonus, she also posts lots of photos of stunning tropical destinations


5. A Little Part Of The World – I’ve only started following this account recently, but Jess has a way with vignettes that is very inspiring to me…


What’s you’re favourite instagram account?


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