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Call me old fashioned, but I have always loved the idea of having my (future) children study in a space that is in a common area (like the dining or living room) where I would be able to easily see or help them. Back when I was at school, this space was usually the dining table, as it was for many others in my class. These days anything goes and if you’ve got a spare nook or some blank wall space, creating a small study area can be a lot easier than you think. Check out some of the below images for some inspiration on how you can create a productive and stylish space for your children to work at…
1. Keep in sleek – With most computing done on laptops, these days desks don’t need to be the full 600mm they’ve always been. A slimline desk can house a laptop and all that’s required for a great, versatile study space.

slimline study space

2. Build it in – Built in cupboards always tend to make a space appear bigger. By using cupboards that go floor to ceiling and then incorporating a desk in between, a space is created that feels open and bright – as a bonus, think of all that storage!

Study nook

3. Keep it simple – A simple desk, chair and power-points is really al that’s needed to create an effective study space. Storage is important too, so having some drawers for stationary and filing will also help keep the space looking a little tidier. The key is using some items that tie in with your other décor to store bits a pieces which will give the space character without cluttering it up too much.

Family study space

4. Make it fun – After all you are creating a space that’s for children to use. Having their space a little fun, or even better designing it with the little ones will help foster creativity and inspire them to use their space.

pic 5

5. Be unique – I absolutely love this idea of incorporating a little house around this study space. It would be great for if you’re little one gets easily distracted and it also creates a zone that is entirely theirs. Even better if there was a little door on the front to hide away mess at the end of each study session!

Study house


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  • Old Pearly Jenkins

    We tried… to create a study space for our teenage son . (Post – The kitchen that became a bedroom) to encourage him to ‘study’ . Any school work he does is usually done lying on his bed. The plus side is that the study space is very tidy ….

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