Summertime blues

Using cool blues to decorate your home during the warmer months can be an excellent way to trick your mind into thinking the temperature is a little cooler than it actually is. We’ve recently renovated our Kitchen (check it out here) using a light blue tile for the splashback. It took ALOT of persuading from my husband to get me on board with having a colour in the kitchen rather than just keeping it all neutral, but now every time I walk in I feel welcomed by an inviting colour that is fresh and cool to look at. I absolutely LOVE that we went with the light blue as the whole space has been transformed to a room that feels a lot brighter than it used to – when everything was just cream and beige.
Blue is a colour that can be perfectly well suited to most seasons, mixed in with pastels for spring or by using darker shades in winter, but I really think the colour is best suited to the summer months. Below are some rooms I’ve found that to me are the epitome of summertime blues. Almost all of them make me want to pack my bags for a summer vacation, but take a look and decide for yourself…

summertime blues | Liv with Vision


Summertime blues | Liv with Vision

Summertime blues | Liv with Vision

Summertime blues | Liv with Vision


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