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Our Completed Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation - before | Liv with Vision

Over the Christmas break, we finally found the time & drive to finish off our kitchen. It’s been a long time coming but I didn’t want to reveal the finished product until it was well…. finished! We’re not quite there but what’s left is just a final coat of paint and probably some new (white) barstools. My Husband did about 99% of the work on this kitchen – from ripping out the old appliances and cupboards; putting together our new cupboards (okay I helped a bit with that); building custom bulkheads and cabinetry details; installing everything; titling; painting; flooring and the list goes on. Basically the only things we didn’t do ourselves were the electrical and plumbing work – and even with that being taken care of I still managed to zap myself on a power point part way through. As this was our first renovation, I’m so proud of the space we created. We’ve learned a heap about building over the past few months and spent countess hours figuring out the small details – in the end it’s been 100% worth it! So, now that it’s ready I cant wait any longer to share this with you, first up are some before and during photos…

Tearing the kitchen apart was probably the most fun part for me – I’ve always had a love for getting rid of the old so it was very satisfying pulling up the flooring and taking all the cupboards out. We were super careful with removing the cupboards as afterwards they went onto Gumtree and off to another home – which is not only good for the environment but also helped us save on getting a skip bin.

Kitchen Renovation - during | Liv with Vision

Stage two was building and installing the new bulk head with some seriously detailed angles for the pantry (this part actually took the longest), putting together and installing the new cupboards and getting everything square and level!

Kitchen Renovation - during | Liv with Vision

Once all the cupboards were in, we had to wait a few weeks before the counter could be installed, then it was hooking everything up, tiling, flooring and eventually a finished product!

Kitchen Renovation - during | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with VisionCompleted Kitchen | Liv with Vision

We’ve now been using the kitchen for about 3 months and it’s been an absolute dream! Having an oven that actually heats to the correct temperature, a range-hood (or extractor fan) that sucks air out of the kitchen and great bench-space are among my favourite features, but what I love most is the bright, fresh and welcoming feel we created.


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