Back to work – setting up your office space

Yep, it’s here already. For those who didn’t get the luxury of taking a break over the Christmas / New Year period (myself included), most will be going back to work today. It’s the first Monday of the year and it’s quite possibly the most dreaded one of them all. To help ease the Monday blues, there are a couple of things one can do to make the return a little easier. Sprucing up your desk or office space is one trick that can completely change your attitude to work and seeing as we spend such a large portion of our lives sitting at said desk, it’s a pretty important space to make enjoyable. Whether it’s completely revamping the entire room for some fresh inspiration, creating a wall collage filled with dreams or just sprucing your stationary to give your work zone a new look – there’s no denying the power of a revamp. Below are a few ideas and tips to help get your career space on the right path…
1. Organise – If you didn’t do this at the end of 2014, make it priority number 1! Starting the year with a fresh canvas or well organised space is seriously important. Don’t let 2014’s mess drag into the new year. That’s not to say that everything from last year gets thrown out, but archive what’s not needed anymore and only keep on your desk what’s required, useful or enjoyable.

Liv with Vision | back to work

2. Dream – What are your goals for 2015? We’ve all heard the advice plenty of times, to write down our goals, but take it a step further and surround yourself with them. If you’re short on space, type them up, frame and display them on your desk. Alternatively you could create a vision board with images showing what your dreams are. Keep the goals at the forefront of your mind to give yourself a reminder of what’s really important this year.

Liv with Vision | back to work

3. Inspire – Once you’ve got your goals and dreams in place, another idea that I love is to have some inspirational quotes framed on the walls. Positive psychology may well be just the thing you need when it starts to get cold and rainy!

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4. Supply – Just like getting new workout gear encourages me to get back to the gym, shiny new stationary or office equipment takes the edge off going back to work! I used to loath going back to school come the end of summer, but shopping trips to stock up on new supplies made it that little bit less painful.

Liv with Vision | Back to work

5. Surround Yourself – with items that you love, whether it’s fresh flowers, photos of loved ones or items you’ve collected on holidays. Having a couple of items around you that make you smile makes each working day much more enjoyable.

Liv with Vision | back to work


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