Christmas Wreath Tutorial

I can’t believe it’s less than 6 weeks until Christmas – time has flown by so quickly this year! That being said, it’s also my favourite time of year and this year especially as it’s my first Christmas with Andrew. Last night we bought our first Christmas tree – a beautiful 7 ft tree that’s big, lush and all that I dreamed of. I can not wait to decorate it, but that will have to wait until the first weekend of December! In the meantime there is something beautifully special about making some of your own Christmas decorations. Over the next couple of weeks I’m looking forward to sharing a few of my favourites – the first being the humble Christmas wreath.
Set to adorn your front door or as a beautiful centrepiece for the dining table, wreaths are super easy and seriously satisfying to make yourself. This year I wanted to do a floral wreath, I’ve seen these in various stores ranging from $150 to $200+ and thought surely I can do better myself.  So after searching through a few stores that I know sell faux flowers, I found everything I needed to bring my vision to life – here’s how it all went down….

Bits and bobs:

Plain Christmas wreath (you can get these from Lincraft)

Faux flowers – I used 11 extra large roses (I got mine from Spotlight)

Holly Berries on wire stems

Glittery decorations on wire stems

Pliers or wire cutters


Florist Wire



What to do:

1. Start by pulling the leaves off the faux flowers (keep the leaves for later, they may just come in handy). Once you have pulled the leaves off, trim the stems just below the receptacle (as pictured) to ensure your flowers don’t fall apart!

Liv with vision | DIY Floral Christmas wreath

2. Once all your flowers are trimmed, spend some time playing with how you’d like everything laid out. A cluster of flowers at the base or flowers all around the edge? I probably spent more time on the actual layout than I did putting the whole thing together! When you’ve got it set out how you like, make sure you take a couple of photos to use as a guide for when you are securing everything.

Liv with vision | DIY Floral Christmas wreath

3. Now we are ready –  It’s time to start threading and twisting! Using the florist wire, cut lengths of about 20cm, thread the wire between the outer petals and the receptacle so you have equal lengths on either side – then twist until tightly secured (about 5 twists), you should be left with two wire tails that are about 10cm in length.

Liv with vision | DIY Floral Christmas wreath

4.  Using your guiding photos, start to place the flowers on the wreath, wrap the wire tails around the wreath frame and then twist again to secure. I gave all of mine a little wiggle room so I could manoeuvre them a little bit once all the flowers were attached.

5. While I would have loved to leave my wreath with just flowers, to add some Christmas charm I also used holly berries and some gold glittery holly leaves (on wire stems). Being on a single stem of wire, I simply just hooked these around the frame of the wreath and gave a little twist to secure . I also took a few of those leaves from the rose stems to make the wreath nice and lush, again – more wire and twisting.

Note: You could also use hot glue to attach all your flowers and decorations but I prefer to use the wire as it’s not so permanent and each year I can update my wreath to a new style.

6. Finally use a length of ribbon (about 30-40cm) to give your wreath a hook to hang on. Simply wrap the ribbon around the top of your wreath frame, tie a bow and voila – ready to hang!





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