Scandinavian Styling

One of the biggest style contenders in todays market is Scandinavian design. Known for it simplicity, minimalism and functionality it is no wonder why people all over the world have fallen in love with this look. Due to it’s popularity Scandinavian Style is one look that is relatively easy to achieve. By focusing on the key concepts of simplicity, minimalism and functionality the look can be achieved in almost any home. Take a look below at my top three tips for working this style…
1. Simplicity and Minimalism – This means not over doing or over thinking it. Scandinavian design is very simple and minimalist in its form, colour and texture. Take at look at most examples and you’ll find some key attributes such as a strong use of a white, grey and neutral colour palette, raw timbers and simple shapes.

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2. Functionality – Keep the function of your room in mind and work in furniture or pieces that are suited to that specific space. As Scandinavian styling is very minimalist, ensure what you are adding into your room is simple in its form. The more you look into the style, the more you will see some key attributes with Scandi style, such as fine lines and crisp angles. It’s not about spending a fortune (we all know Ikea is one of the biggest retailers of this style) but more so about carefully choosing your items.

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3. Fine Lines and off the floor– Most Scandinavian furniture is often made from materials that can be formed in very slender shapes – Scandinavian tables, chairs (and even sofas) often have slim arms and/or legs. It is one of the definitive features of this style and it’s a huge bonus if you don’t have a lot of space. The slender lines and style of this furniture – that is, lifted off the floor – helps to make smaller spaces appear bigger. Pair this with light colours and natural materials and that tiny apartment begins to look a lot more spacious and well thought out.

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