Timeless Styling For Your Home

If you haven’t picked up on it, I am an absolute lover of all things timeless and classic. That’s not to say I am a huge fan of antiques or vintage, but rather pieces or styles that have stood the test of time and are still beautiful and refreshing to look at in todays modern world. To me the pinnacle of style is a combination of modern and classic elements, tied in together to create a space that has character, ambience and a real sense of home. It is all in the details, and it is all about looking at a space holistically – from the finishes on the floor to lighting plans and ceiling details. The below images all represent spaces that I believe are timeless beauties. I hope you enjoy!
Modern/Provincial bathroom by Deanne and Darren Jolly from the Block 2014 Glasshouse. This bathroom is pure perfection to me. By incorporating a classic pattern on the floor, with the shaker style cabinetry and panelled wall, they have created a room that oozes warmth and sophistication – even with the monochrome black and white palette.

Liv With Vision | Timeless Styling

Classic beauties in the bedroom. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see this image is “La Dolce Vita” – aka ” The good life.” It’s amazing how simple it is to create a bedroom like this, using only an ensemble, simple bedsides with minimal decoration and the three framed images. But take note, the real star here is having a well made bed.

Liv with Vision | Timeless Styling

Luxury lounging . There is something about a space like this that will draw anyone in. This space with its layers of natural textures, abundance of cushions and simple accessories is really ticking all the boxes on luxury. The table lamps and curtains add to this sense of luxury and are truly timeless pieces.

Liv with Vision | Timeless Interiors

One statement piece is all it takes. The mirror in this entry way is certainly making a big one at that. With a simple frame, the mirror makes a stunning statement that doesn’t overbear the wall panelling, feature lighting or surrounding furniture.

Liv with Vision | Timeless Styling

In the Kitchen. Once again panelled cabinetry (shaker style) has been used but it’s not just the kitchen cupboards that give this space it’s timeless appeal. The pendant lights, furniture choices – including slip cover dining chairs – and simple styling give this space an aesthetic that is filled with character and style.

Liv with Vision | Timeless Styling

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