Colour of the week – Burgundy

While it’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of the colour red, I definitely can appreciate it’s beauty when used in varying shades. Blush, pink, burgundy or cherry all take preference to me over a true red, but it is darker shades that really stand their own – especially in Winter.

Today I’m all about burgundy – a colour we are currently seeing a lot more of in fashion, but as with many things, fashion often evolves into interior trends too. Burgundy is a bold, mature colour – it’s definitely not one for the faint-hearted – but it’s also romantic and subdued. I think burgundy has been pushed to the side for a few years now, for many it would be a flashback to days when it was paired with mahogany timbers and rooms would come across as dark and too serious. But with today’s colour play, burgundy has been given a whole new lease of life. So with that in mind I’ve scoured around to find some of the best of burgundy, check out the below for some beautiful examples of this bold & romantic hue…

Cosy up in a warm oasis with burgundy sheets – paired with pale grey and black this combination is warm and modern…

Sink into burgundy velvet – this sofa screams indulgence and glamour – the shape, the fabric and of course the colour but most of all I love how it’s been relaxed with soft cushions and THAT throw…

Make a bold statement – I love how bold and beautiful this burgundy front door is, and I imagine in the Spring time it would be stunning surrounded by fresh blooms from the garden.

Pair with Blush – Burgundy and blush go together like bread and butter… Yes, I could DEFINITELY work from this office!

Break the norm – Burgundy in the kitchen – it just works! I love this eclectic kitchen and how it has all been pulled together with the addition of this beautiful Persian rug. Imagine the space without it – the floor would just look like a big black hole!

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