Best candle scents for Spring

If there is one thing that spring is sure to bring, it’s fresh flowers and new season fruits. Fresh Strawberries, Blueberries and Pears are among some of my favourite flavours. Likewise I can never resist the smell of fresh Jasmine, Peonies or Tulips. There’s just something about the new lease of life spring brings that is irresistible. While I love to fill my home with fresh flowers, it is simply not practical to have them everywhere. When Spring starts to bloom, I like to switch out my more wintery candles (like Sandalwood or Caramel) for fresh floral or fruity fragrances. With scents like Strawberries and Champagne, these candles below will definitely have you wanting to celebrate the warmer weather too!
Liv With Vision | Scents for Spring

Left to Right: Leura, Strawberries & Champagne, Monet’s Garden

Liv With Vision | Scents for Spring

Left to Right: Cotton Flower & Freesia, Pear & Cinnamon, Esperance

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