Interior Design Trends 2014 – Wrap Up

Well folks, we have finally reached the end of our Interior Design Trend 2014 series. So with all that has been covered, I thought I would put together a summary of what we have actually been seeing the most of, what has already peaked (and is starting to trend out) and what seems to be sticking around.
The biggest trend for 2014 – Glamour, but not exclusively. Interweaving Mixing Metals and Innovative Combinations, we have been seeing a lot of glamorous, elegant and sleek interior spaces. While thinking about glamour and mixing metals, it would be very easy to conjure up images of old fashioned spaces that lack light and vibrance. What we’re seeing today is aspects of the old classics, but set in rooms filled with light and other sleek, modern pieces. The end result is very special, it’s classic (and doesn’t date as quickly as other trends) and finally – its modern!

Modern Architecture Concept

Past its peak – Vintage wonder. I really believe that for now, this trend has had its lime light. Although it’s beautiful and can create really unique spaces with old world items, the trend appears to be waning. In saying that, vintage accents will always be around to some extent, as people love to hold on to items with sentimental value.


What’s sticking around – Interchangeable accentsBold Graphics. I put these two in the same category, as over the past few years we’ve been seeing people grow in confidence with what they put in their home. Bold prints such a chevron, bold stripes or other graphics are being used to make a statement. Going hand-in-hand with that is the idea of changing a space as the seasons pass. I believe this is the main motivator for making people braver with their choices.


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