Colour of the Week – Lavender

This week’s colour focus is Lavender. It is one that has challenged me as it’s not a colour I would typically choose for my own home. Lavender is one of the few pastels that is quite difficult to work into a room as it is limited with regard to what neutrals work best. To me, Lavender is the quintessential colour for a little girls bedroom. It is reminiscent of fairy-tales and dreams and works beautifully to create a magical space. However, this week I have challenged myself to find ways Lavender can be used in spaces for adults too. Here’s what I’ve found…
Keep it dreamlike and use in old-world settings. The pressed ceiling, stunning chandelier and original floorboards in the picture below set a beautiful scene for the lavender Chesterfield sofa.

Christina Fluegge

Pair with charcoal. Much like the colour blush – to modernise the colour – Lavender works beautifully with Charcoal grey. This setting below is moody and dramatic with the charcoal inset wall and complimentary artwork, but the warm shade of Lavender works well to give the room a young, fresh touch.

Desire to Inspire

Incorporate with Nature. A lot can be said about the world we live in, and more often than not using nature as our inspiration for a room will work wonders in tying a scheme together. Note: timber panelling and fresh flowers are the saving grace for this room!

Estilo Escandinavo

Use it sparingly. This room below has just enough lavender to give the space interest without being over bearing for a man to sleep in. Paired with the black four-poster bed and other natural elements, the bedroom is a classic beauty.

Decor Pod

And finally, because I can’t resist …. one for the kids. The butterflies and chandelier say it all!

Baby Center


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